League of Legends: the development of Yone!

League of Legends: the development of Yone!
Yone, the brand new Leauge of Legends champion, has already moved the waters since his first Leak! But now that everything has been made official, the media coverage of the Champion has surpassed and annihilated Lillia's results!

Maybe because ... is Yasuo's brother? A Samurai? For the Spiritual Flower Event?

These are undoubtedly all legitimate and right questions: who doesn't like Yasuo?

yes, you all hate it and yet when it appears in a video the average reaction is: "vrecwcr4g"! (?)

In a post by Riot Games the process that led the developers create Yone as we saw it in its debut video trailer!

But what were the choices made during construction? and why?

The first time we met Yone was while chasing Yasuo, accused of killing his teacher; perishing, however, under his brother's blade.

If initially the idea was to make Yone survive, this went into conflict with the whole history of Yasuo, in addition to not doing justice to the two formidable warriors as they are .

So how to make it playable?

When Yone landed in the realm of spirits rather than finding peace he was targeted by an Azakana (a lesser demon) who attacked him to feed on his negative emotions. Unfortunately for him, the Ionian managed to defend himself and defeat him, but the consequences were devastating: once his eyes reopened, Yone found himself again in the world of mortals with his face covered by a mask with the features of Azakana.

From this point forward, Yone's aim is to hunt down the Azakanas in order to better understand the meaning of that mask.

To do so, he uses the power of a sword taken from one of them!

The development and evolution of its kit is an immediate consequence of these factors:

– the sword of the Azakana

– his old sword-steel

– training at the “school of the wind” by Yasuo

– the will to make it a schermagliatore and a killer

(not, we will analyze the skills, values, and power and utility, but only in the “artistic” side of the development of the whole kit)

the growth of The [Q]-the Fury is the same as Yasuo, generating and accumulating the stack up to a maximum of 3.

Yone does not exploit the wind as a mere form of attack, but the channels for the slingshot itself in the rearguard of the enemy!

This technique takes advantage of, of course, the “sword of the human, the mortal.

The [W]-Slash Reiatsu is instead relying on the blade of the azakane: making a wide sweep forward, and protects Yone with a shield.

What is clear from these two skills is the will of the developers to give the swordsman a different identity linked to the two weapons, as that they were two different styles but in the same plane: if the blade steel is lightweight and easy to handle, the spiritual one is rather large and heavy.

what is most peculiar in his kit is the [And]-the division of the Spiritual , with which Yone migrates to the world of spirits, leaving behind their mortal remains.

In this state it is capable of inflicting “concealed damage” to enemies until it comes back.

BUT , his body can not move, remaining brutally uncovered and at the mercy of events and of the enemies!

When you go back? A bit like the supreme , Zoe, there is a specific time in which the ability lasts: it can not decide when to return, you need only wait!

the Last is the supreme, [R]-Rashomon club , with drag-and launches into the air, the enemies hit and giving his brother the opportunity to deliver a supreme perfect!

we will See the two brothers on a magical bot of wonders?

0-10 or 0-20?

let's Hope not!

source: euw.leagueoflegends.com

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