IBS summer sales begin: discounts of up to 60% on many books!

IBS summer sales begin: discounts of up to 60% on many books!
Update: Promotion still available! In addition, we have added other offers that should not be underestimated!

After taking a look at the fantastic promotions of Bravofly and the Amazon electronics week, we point out a new IBS initiative that involves many products in its catalog, including including books, films, music, games, electronics and other hi-tech products, at decidedly low prices. The offers will be available until August 4, subject to stocks being exhausted.

Among the many IBS proposals, the Spider-man Collection box stands out, which includes 12 discs (6 Blu-ray + 6 Blue) -ray 3D). Inside the package, in fact, you can find: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The power of Electro, Spider-Man: Homecoming and many other in-depth content. Everything is available for 119.99 euros, but you can buy the whole package for only 77.99 euros, thanks to a strong 35% discount.

Another product to consider - given the new and attractive selling price - is the book "My answers to the big questions" written by Stephen Hawking. It is an essay that tries to solve the mysteries related to the universe and the history of man (focusing, in particular, on the genesis of mankind), and whose original price of 17 euros is now lowered to just 10, 20 euros or 9.18 euros in its used edition. A busy but pleasant reading for a summer of science and culture.

of course that is not all, and indeed there are still many proposals to IBS for our summer, and that's why we have prepared for you a convenient and fast selection of the best offers that are compatible with the promotion of the “Firm Summer” of IBS, so that you can track down the one that is the promotion that is more suited to your tastes of reading. Of course, if you are interested in the complete list of the items in discount, you can consult it at the following address , so that you can see all the numerous proposals of the portal brand, Feltrinelli. Finally, we invite you to join us on Telegram not to lose offerings related to technology , hardware , smartphones and chinese products .

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Bundle film Spider-man Collection – 6 Blu-ray player + 6 Blu-ray 3D | 77,99€ ( 119,99€ ) Book, my answers to The big questions – Stephen Hawking | 10,20€ ( 17,00€ ) Book The inconveniences of life – Peter Cameron | 13,20€ ( 22,00€ ) Vinyl The Folia – Jordi Savall | 14,24€ ( 21,90€ ) Vinyl The Very Best of Eric Burdon and Animals – Animals and Eric Burdon | 4,22€ ( 6,50€) - The Road Gets Darker from Here – Gallon Drunk | 14,88€ ( 22,90€ ) Film Dragonheart 3 | 9,26€ ( 14,25€ ) Film The courier, The Mule – Blu-ray, Blu-ray 4K | 13,99€ Film the Karate Kid – Blu-ray, Blu-ray 4K UHD | 16,24€ ( 24,99€ ) Film Angry Birds | 6,49€ ( 9,99€ ) – NEW Movie Ant-Man and the Wasp | 9,59€ ( 14,75€ ) – the NEW throne of swords – season 6 | 39,16€ ( 60,25€ ) – the NEW Book Carlo Scarpa. Between history and myth | 6,40€ ( 8,00€ ) – the NEW Book On Places Of Alvar Aalto. Architectures Finnish | 4,80€ ( 6,00€ ) – the NEW Book Between Peaks, Forests, and Swamps | 22,10€ ( 26,00€ ) – the NEW

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