IBM Cloud, an ecosystem for financial services

IBM Cloud, an ecosystem for financial services
IBM wants to become the base cloud platform for financial institutions. It is not just a stated goal, or a sort of manifesto to present itself on the market, but an all-round project that puts the cloud at the center and the partners in direct contact with the group. The arrival of BNP Paribas as a team, one of the main financial institutions at European level, is confirmation of the goodness of the strategy implemented, such that IBM is a candidate to be more than just a service provider.

BNP Paribas in the IBM Industry Cloud Advisory Council

What the group is developing is a real partner ecosystem called the Industry Cloud Advisory Council, including all financial institutions that have already adopted IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Bringing all customers together (including entities of the caliber of Bank of America) means creating a pole of interest of enormous magnitude, whose interests can be put together to face together, in synergy, the challenges that the sector has responsibility to undertake.

We are driving innovation in the financial services sector and we are able to collaborate with an ecosystem that records a continuous entry of technology providers, from small startups to industry leaders. We will further strengthen our collaboration with IBM, as IBM Cloud for Financial Services allows us to continue our migration path to the cloud and to transfer mission-critical projects in complete security, meeting the regulatory standards of the sector.

Bernard Gavgani, CIO BNP Paribas

Through the Financial Services Cloud Advisor Council will be provided with specific advice to the partners, so that we can provide a service of care, with continuous and proactive around the IBM Cloud Policy Framework for Financial Services : the awareness is that for which the marriage between the cloud and the financial services is to be understood not as a finished product or a simple service to provide, but as a yard-full development – for mutual benefit – has the duty to be developed day after day on the basis of an innovation is continuous, a legislative framework in continuous adaptation and needs that are growing day after day in line with the expectations of the financial institutions involved.

The adoption of financial services by IBM as a part of the leading financial institutions and technology partners in the world shows how the cryptographic features of the IBM Public Cloud, they are able to respond to the needs of highly regulated industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, airlines, and more. The platform, IBM is able to meet the regulatory requirements and gives life to an ecosystem cooperative banks and the suppliers can make transactions in total security.

Howard Boville, Senior Vice President of IBM Cloud

This approach is confirmed by the fact that in the coming weeks will be launched at the IBM Research Cloud Innovation Lab , through which the members of the financial ecosystem that has a center of gravity on the cloud, IBM will be able to experience all the new things a little at a time will be implemented. The major banks at the international level, therefore, may experience a “beta release” steps ahead of IBM research, and was thus able to take advantage of the innovations that the laboratories of the group will have to propose from time to time.

the meaning of The challenge is clear: in dance there is a supplier-customer relationship, but a true partnership coordinated to ensure that the synergies of the collaboration can generate value for all actors involved.

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