How to share the screen on Facebook Messenger

How to share the screen on Facebook Messenger

A function similar to Zoom and Skype arrives on Messenger and Rooms to show your desktop to participants in a video call

Facebook allows you to share your screen during a video call (photo: Facebook) Facebook has enabled a new function which will allow you to share the screen view of your mobile device during a video call, a group chat or a conversation in Messenger and Messenger Rooms.

The novelty will allow users to instantly share everything that is displayed on the screen of their mobile device. Through Messenger, sharing can be done in a group with a maximum of 8 participants, while on Messenger Rooms the number doubles. By taking advantage of this new feature, a user will be able to share the display of their gallery of images saved on the device, show their Instagram or any other application that appears on the screen exactly as it already happens on other platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

"Soon we will add the ability to control who can share their screen and expand the number of people with whom we can do it to a maximum of 50 within Messenger Rooms," said a Facebook spokesman.

How to share your screen?

Screen sharing screen from an Android device (image: Gabriele Porro/ Wired) To the shared view of your screen you need to update to the latest version of the application available Messenger installed on their Android or iOs device. Once you start a video call, the user must access the options just scroll up to the bottom of the screen. At this point, simply click on the pink icon identified by the text Share your screen . By clicking on the command will open a screen that will explain in brief the features and from which you can start sharing by pressing on the blue button with the inscription Continues .

by Sharing the screen, the camera will be turned off and instead of the face of the interlocutor, the other participants will see the actions performed on the device . To stop sharing, simply go back to call options and click on the red button with the word Stop sharing . The shared screen is only visible between mobile devices while, for the moment, initiating the function to the users using the desktop version of Messenger, or Messenger Rooms these will not see the images coming from the screen sharing.

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