Hearthstone: Paladin's first legendary revealed!

Hearthstone: Paladin's first legendary revealed!
Revealed the first legendary Paladin of Hearthstone's "The Academy of Scholomance" set, let's talk about "Tenured Professor Turalyon"!

Paper, which is still waiting for an official translation, which mentions "Assault. Every time you attack a minion, set that minion's Attack and Health to 3 ".

It has a considerable cost, 8 mana, but with important stats, 3/12, also thanks to Assault it has an impact instant, allowing easy trade right away. Also, if not removed, it will allow you to trade for 4 turns.

Discover all the other cards coming soon with the new Hearthstone expansion "The Academy of Scholomance"!

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Last modified: July 26, 2020

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