G Suite: Google Meet Safety Locks and other news

G Suite: Google Meet Safety Locks and other news
With the aim of increasing the level of security offered to those who leverage the tools of G Suite to communicate remotely or work in smart working mode, today Google announces several innovations addressed to services and platforms such as Meet, Gmail and Chat.

G Suite security news: Meet Safety Locks and more

Let's start with the one that concerns Meet. These are the so-called Safety Locks, useful controls to manage who can be part of the meetings and who should instead be excluded: the organizer can decide by which methods to enter (from the calendar, from a shared link etc.), determine whether to exclude anonymous users (those not authenticated with a Google account) and limit the interactivity of the participants, for example by preventing them from sending messages via chat or sharing the screen.

Following a 'expulsion the user will not bea> able to re-enter a meeting until the organizer establishes it and after receiving more refusals to join the meeting it will not be possible to send further requests. The rollout is expected within the next few weeks, as already anticipated at first for those who have a G Suite for Education account so as to respond to a need expressed by those who rely on the distance learning platform.

In Gmail debuted a new standard baptized BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), through which companies and organisations can claim authorship of a logo, authenticating their messages through DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance). In this way you will avoid that in the boxes of the users to end phishing email or packed to deceive the recipient.

then come in Chat with the same system of protection based on the Safe Browsing already seen at work in Gmail to check that a shared link is not malicious. Within the next few weeks, users will also be able to report a room if you suspect that the inside is conduct illegal activity.

administrators will face a new page for the device management (in the screenshot below), redesigned to be more simple consultation and interaction. Still, the debut of the integration with Apple's Business Manager.

In the arrival, finally, improvements to the feature Data Loss Prevention to prevent unauthorized access to information or the loss of same due to a violation.

Source: Google Cloud

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