5G: France confirms Huawei's involvement

5G: France confirms Huawei's involvement
Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy and Finance, participated remotely in the High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue meeting which saw him interface with Hu Chunhua, Vice President of the People's Republic of China. On the table the relationships that bind France and China in relation to issues such as climate change, biodiversity, agriculture, nuclear energy and 5G. Regarding the latter, the European country has confirmed its intention not to apply any ban to Huawei.

No ban to Huawei for 5G in France

The Shenzhen supplier will be able to therefore collaborate with transalpine operators in the creation of new generation mobile networks. In any case, the possibility of imposing certain limitations for sites deemed particularly sensitive is reiterated. A different position from that taken for example by the United Kingdom, which instead decided for the ban, perhaps as a result of pressure from the USA. Below is a translated extract of what is read in the press release issued following the meeting.

Both sides will join forces to ensure a fair and non-discriminatory commercial environment, encouraging the businesses of each country to participate in the creation of 5G networks in line with market and security principles.

The initiatives related to 5G in France through the involvement of Huawei are in line with the good diplomatic relations between the two countries who in 2019 signed a commercial agreement for an estimated value of about 15 billion dollars. The November handshake between Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping primarily affects the export of products from food to the eastern country.

Source: CGTN

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