Fortnite: is Atlantis about to emerge from the water?

Fortnite: is Atlantis about to emerge from the water?
After Epic Games took a summer break, the American company has now returned to publishing news within Fortnite starting with the most recent update 13.30. With this update, several clues have begun to appear about what the future of the hit Epic will be. Not only have new Service Stations appeared, but it seems that Atlantis is about to emerge from the water.

This possibility is becoming stronger and stronger, especially as the water level goes down by more. Among the new areas that are about to emerge, a somewhat mysterious spacecraft is appearing out of nowhere for dataminers in the north-east area. According to the research done by the dataminer, the colors of this spacecraft take up those of a next boss who is about to be added to Fortnite: or Siona.

the location of the Ancient Astronaut his Spaceship

- FortTory - Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) July 21, 2020

These discoveries are currently all under water, so it seems that it will still take some time before we can touch these novelties. The island of Fortnite is about to undergo new changes apparently, and it seems that Atlantis will be the next major area that will make its debut within the successful battle royale.

At the moment obviously Epic Games is not he still wanted to confirm nothing, but usually Fortnite dataminers are able to predict with great precision every new arrival in the title. What do you think of the possible addition of Atlantis? Have your say in the comments section.

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