FIFA 21: the first important gameplay news

FIFA 21: the first important gameplay news
Despite the slowdowns due to the Coronavirus emergency, FIFA 21 - the football video game developed by EA Sports - will also be released this fall. We have tasted the first trailer of the game, which will see Kylian Mbappé on the cover, but we also have access to the first official information of the title.

Precisely, here we will talk about the gameplay - which EA Sports defines as "the most evolved in the history of FIFA ". Let's find out why, by announcing the salient features of FIFA 21.

Among the most important news regarding the gameplay of FIFA 21 we find:

Dribbling agile : the new mode with which to overcome and work around defenders, thanks to a game of legs fast, which gives you more control and responsiveness. You will be matched to the skill moves –such as dribbling and pretend to drag the ball with rotations; intelligent Placement : will help you keep the right position in the field. The attackers are more skilled will wait before entering into, staying in line with the last defender to not end up in an offside position. The directors will seek to carve out the space to act between the lines, while the defenders will block each step in the most effective manner; Entries creative : provide new options to determine the movement of the teammates without the ball, and it represents a huge step forward in the construction of the maneuver to overcome the defense; Fights more realistic than in the past, it will be more credible to break away in front of the door, fight for the ball possession in midfield, and proceed in the attack. The movements and the movements will be more natural; the Fundamental of football revised : on the basis of the suggestions of the community, enhancements have been made on the quality of the game in every area of the field, with head-shots, manuals, clamping, more balanced, steps more intelligent and a better reactivity to offer a general check-up more convincing; Competitive Mode : allows you to resume the game style of the best FIFA players, creating opponents with a wide range of skill moves, dribbling and tactics, offering a challenge and rewarding at level Legend or Extreme. These are the latest and greatest title of football EA Sports fans much await. FIFA 21 will be available from October 9 on PS4 , Xbox One and PC, but will also come on the new consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Instead, who will buy the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition will be able to play FIFA 21 from 6 October . Without forget that subscribers to EA Access will be able to try FIFA 21 even from 1 October . Remember, however, that there will be reductions for those who bought the game for PS4 and Xbox One and wants to play on next-gen .

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