Fena: Pirate Princess - the new Adult Swim & Crunchyroll series

Fena: Pirate Princess - the new Adult Swim & Crunchyroll series
In the closing night of the first edition of the Adult Swim Con, Toonami announced a new collaboration with Crunchyroll for the creation of a new original anime series entitled Fena: Pirate Princess.

The series will debut in 2021 on Toonami and on the Crunchyroll streaming platform and will be produced by Production IG under the direction of Kazuto Nakazawa (B: The Beginning, Kill Bill)

Fena: Pirate Princess will be a series of 12 episodes that will tell the story of a young orphan girl, Fena Houtman. Fena grew up on an island where there is no hope of becoming anything but becoming servants that the soldiers of the British Empire use in their possessions. But Fena is much more than an orphan without resources. When her mysterious past comes to the surface, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors! Its goal? Create a new identity, without constraints, find a place to feel finally accepted and finally try to solve the mysteries behind the word "Eden". It is the story of an adventure of a life that he will make together with his band of renegades and unlikely allies to try to answer these questions!

Here is the announcement trailer:

Waiting for Fena : Pirate Princess, remember the latest additions to the Crunchyroll palimetry including EX-ARM, TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You and So I'm a Spider, So What ?.


Release: to be announced


In the year 2014, a student called Akira Natsume, who hates the machines, he decides to improve his life and start this journey of change... but is hit by a truck. You go to the year 2030. The policewoman Minami and Uezono and his colleague android Alma infiltrate in the place of the purchase or sale of a weapon called the “EX-ARM,” which takes place in the port of Tokyo. They are then attacked by an armed enemy of the “EX-ARM,” No. 08. In this situation of danger, fearing for their life, operate the weapon “EX-ARMS” No. 00 just stolen from the enemy and...

I Know I'm a Spider, So What?

Output: January 2021


I, the protagonist, I was a high schooler, but I'm the princess suddenly into a monstrous spider of a fantasy world. Not only are pop-up in a dungeon full of dangerous monsters. Armed with my knowledge from the human and of my unsettling optimism, I have to use my spider web and traps to defeat monsters that are stronger than me and stay alive... so begins this story of survival in a labyrinth, a girl's very tough living in the body of a monster among the less dangerous ones!

For all the details click HERE.

Recovered Ex-Arm Volume 1, published by Edizioni Star Comics by clicking HERE.

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