Apple is aiming for zero CO2 emissions by 2030

Apple is aiming for zero CO2 emissions by 2030

The decision was announced by the CEO Tim Cook who intends to act on the environmental footprint of the company as a whole: from the offices to the devices produced

(photo: VCG / VCG via Getty Images) Apple wants to give a green change to its entire production system: by 2030, the goal of zero CO 2 emissions was set "from the supply chain to the energy of each device we produce". The announcement was made by CEO Tim Cook, who stressed on Twitter the urgency of taking such an action: "The planet we share can no longer wait," wrote Cook. Greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 75% between now and 10 years, and heat-polluting pollutants by 25%.

By 2030, Apple's entire business will be carbon neutral - from supply chain to the power you use in every device we make. The planet we share can't wait, and we want to be a ripple in the pond that creates a much larger change.

- Tim Cook (@tim_cook) July 21, 2020

"Climate action can be the basis for a new era with innovative potential with job creation and lasting economic growth. With our commitment to carbon neutrality, we hope to contribute to creating a much wider change ", reads the CEO's statement. The Cupertino company has already set a roadmap with actions to be taken in the future, such as reducing the use of energy in its corporate structures or the use of recycled materials for its products.

What pollutes Apple?

In a report compiled from the same company and on the progress made in environmental matters, it is estimated that in 2019, the degree of the nquinamento product from Apple is equal to that of six coal-fired power plants corresponding to 25.1 million tonnes of CO 2 . Given that, however, represents a decline of 35% compared to 2015, the highest peak in emissions ever recorded in the history of the company. The result was achieved by improving the energy efficiency of their facilities and of its products, investing in recycled material, and reducing business travel, and group travel.

The 76% of the pollution produced by Apple derives, however, from the consumption of its devices in a total of eleven years, emissions have decreased by 73%, but are still too high. In fact, the company is favoring suppliers that employ only renewable energy and has partnered with some environmental groups, such as Conservation International, that cure and protect mangrove forests, which absorb carbon dioxide in a way that is completely natural.

Among the other programme points of the road map of Cupertino there are also: the identification and study of new methods to reduce the use of energy in offices, innovation in the phase of recycling of their products and careful collaboration with governments, companies, ngos and consumer associations, to support policies for environmental protection and the transition towards clean energy.

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