62% discount for the 128 GB SanDisk microSD

62% discount for the 128 GB SanDisk microSD
Never again without space available on smartphones, tablets, cameras or PCs: a 128 GB microSD card can be useful for storing images, movies, audio, files and documents of all kinds, even as a backup solution to always carry with you without taking up space. SanDisk is now on offer on Amazon with a strong discount at a price of 40.09 euros.

SanDisk's 128 GB microSD on offer on Amazon

A unit of class 10 with data transfer speeds of up to 100 MB / s in just 14.99 × 10.92 × 1.02 mm. The adapter required for reading and writing is also included by inserting it into the SD slots, sometimes found on laptops or on cameras and camcorders instead of the smaller microSD cards.

Shipping is immediate and free, included in the 62% discount on the list price. The SanDisk brand, one of the most well-known and long-lived in the storage solutions market, certifies the quality of the device, with a long experience in the production of memories for the most different uses.

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