Squid Game iban really exists too, and fans donate

Squid Game iban really exists too, and fans donate

Squid Game iban really exists too

Released a few days ago, the Korean series Squid Game distributed by Netflix has already become a real phenomenon among TV series fans. The concept of the survival program has already generated, for example, a themed shop open in Paris, and some fans have also discovered that the phone number that appears at one point in the series is actually true, overwhelming it with calls and forcing Netflix to black it out. . But it seems that the producers of the series have missed another detail.

Even the Squid Game iban really exists, and the fans donate

After the phone number actually in someone's name, the Squid Game fans have discovered that the iban code that appears in the last few episodes of the program would also actually exist. The code is shown at the juncture in which the protagonist of Squid Game isa> about to withdraw money from an account: the corresponding code is shown clearly for a few seconds, while the character is pondering what to do.

As happened for the phone number, fans of the series noticed the detail and some of them started sending sums of money to the account. This time, however, it seems that it is not a mistake, but a very specific choice by the director of Squid Game, Hwang Dong Hyuk. In a statement, he allegedly said that it was a choice made following an agreement with the production, inserting the iban code of one of the producers, which would have already received several donations of 456 won (about 0.30 cents euro), a figure that also appears on the uniform of the protagonist who participates in the game. Having clarified this detail as well, Hwang Dong Hyuk subsequently proceeded to have the iban code also deleted from the series.

The new Netflix Squid Game series has already generated many products and merchandise related to it, which you can find available on Amazon.it, from t-shirts and sweatshirts, to the masks seen in the program, together with the kitchen molds for be able to reproduce the cookies seen in Squid Gam e at your home.

Have you already devoured the new Netflix series of Squid Game? We offer you some titles on the streaming platform that you might like if you loved the Korean show.

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