Re: Legend, the proven role-playing game that merges Harvest Moon and Pokémon

Re: Legend, the proven role-playing game that merges Harvest Moon and Pokémon


What happens if you take Pokémon, Harvest Moon, any oriental action RPG and mix it all together? Get Re: Legend, a mix of well-known genres that can boast a considerable amount of mechanics, but which easily risks knowing already seen.

In the tried of Re: Legend we go to find out in detail what we think about this interesting mix.


Re: Legend, the protagonist in a shop Re: Legend opens with the creation of our character. The chibi-style avatar that appears in front of you can be defined on the basis of gender, eyes, hair and clothing. Having done this, without even a camera transition, he is thrown off a cliff. Our alter ego falls into the water, faints and, dragged by the waves, ends up on a small island where he is saved and treated.

Unfortunately we have lost our memory and we know nothing but our name. This is where the adventure on Vokka Island starts, where a village made up of cheerful and colorful people lives in serenity.

The plot of the game, which during our Early Access trial we only got to know peek, revolves around a strange evil event, Corruption, which makes the wild creatures of the island aggressive.

Re: Legend is an action role-playing game and, during the first stages we tested, it asks us to advance the game plot by exploring dungeons and defeating monsters.


A combat scene from Re: Legend The combat system, which offers both melee and ranged weapons (such as bows and magic), is based on a few simple mechanisms. We can attack with the equipped weapon, use a special move (if we know one) and dodge. Fights are a mix of hits and dodges, being careful not to take too much damage or run out of stamina (the most important stat) that recharges by going to sleep or through food. The pace of the battles is not exactly exciting and proves to be particularly repetitive, especially if you are not very powerful.

As mentioned, the plot advances as you complete the quests, but the power of the enemies rises sharply between missions and the next, thus forcing us to upgrade our character in anticipation of a future battle. How to do? First of all, by leveling up. The PC gains experience through various actions, including battles, and can spend Skill Points on various stats, which determine physical strength, magic strength, as well as defenses and so on. In addition, using weapons and performing moves (such as dodging) improves in this category and you get dedicated bonuses.

The protagonist of Re: Legend gets a new weapon from the blacksmith In combat, however, we will not be alone. Re: Legend puts a great deal of emphasis on creatures, called Magnus, which can be tamed by throwing food at them and then riding them. Each monster has its own stats, abilities and can even evolve if it meets certain conditions. Some creatures are capable of taking on even more forms. Our allies also become mounts, which you can use to move faster and save your stamina. As in Pokémon, any Magnus we meet can be made to join our team (but we can only take two with us at a time).

Level up and Magnus aren't enough to win, though. Re: Legend also relies heavily on equipment, which can be found in dungeons, but also and above all created through crafting. Consequently, it is necessary to obtain the right materials, both by defeating enemies and by felling trees and exploiting mineral deposits. Already in this way, a classic action RPG loop is created, which sees us explore, fight, level up, search for materials, upgrade and advance in the plot, also managing their Magnus, feeding them and upgrading them.

One of the Magnus of Re: Legend The contents do not end there, however, because upon our arrival in Vokka we will also receive a disused farm, to be transformed into a real plantation for the intensive growth of fruit and vegetables, which can be used as an ingredient for crafting (there are various culinary recipes) or even sold. Money is essential to buy tools and items that we can't create.

We're not done yet, because in addition to farming there is also fishing. We can exploit specific bodies of water to capture various types of fish, which can be transformed into food, sold or placed in a safe place in a pond where they will have the opportunity to grow to become even bigger. This increases their value and makes them great for a mini-game in which various aquatic creatures compete against each other in a circuit race.

Game balance

Creating a pair of weapons in Re : Legend The mechanics are therefore many and following each part of the game requires attention and time. Our test, which had a maximum time, did not allow us to understand if each component is balanced. At first glance, however, most of what is proposed by Re: Legend smacks of already seen. Without dedicating tens of hours it is impossible to draw conclusions, but the impression is that this role-playing game does not aim to satisfy those in search of novelty, but rather to provide a mix of known and consolidated elements.

Important Also note that it is possible to play online multiplayer with your friends: we believe this may be one of the most important elements in determining the success of Re: Legend.

It will therefore be important to understand if the pace of play is sustained or if Re: Legend asks the player to spend a lot of time farming materials and levels in order to advance. Even from the narrative point of view we still have many questions, given that the plot seems far from original in the early stages and the characters are part of the typical archetypes of the genre: the nurse tsundere, the good-natured mayor, the old warrior with great instinct. .. All very classic and does not seem to promise the depth and drama of works like Stardew Valley.

The farm of Re: Legend We close with a quick comment on the technical side. Graphically, Re: Legend is nothing special. The chibi graphics and colorful monsters are cute, but far from original. The final version is close, so we don't expect extreme graphics enhancement. Certainly this is not a work to be taken into consideration for the level of detail, but we believe that no one had this doubt.

Re: Legend is a farming simulator, an action role-playing game with crafting and exploration and also includes a monster capture system to train and evolve. It is many different and well-known things, and for this very reason it seems to be struggling to find its own identity for now. One test isn't enough to understand its long-term potential, but if the chibi graphics don't mind and you're looking for a mix of navigated game mechanics, it could turn out to be a satisfying adventure, especially if you want to take advantage of multiplayer with friends. The pace of play will be one of the most important factors to analyze in the final version.


Many established genres, in one package There is multiplayer DOUBTS The pace of play will be satisfactory ? The design of creatures and characters is not very original Have you noticed any errors?

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