iPad Mini has some screen issues

iPad Mini has some screen issues

After the gelatinous effect reported in the past few days, distortions and discolored areas are now reported when pressing hard

(Photo: Reddit) In the beginning it was the gelatinous effect when scrolling on a page, while now there are reports of distortions on the display: the new and appreciated iPad Mini 6 is not exempt from youth problems that seem to focus above all on the liquid crystal panel of the smallest tablet in the Apple catalog.

The new testimonials arrive by Reddit, with user-posted images involving distortions and a small portion of discoloration of a few inches of part of the 8.3-inch Liquid Retina of a 64gb model. Reading in the post, the episodes would be more frequent when iPadOs is set in dark mode, the orientation is vertical (with the power button in the upper right) and is pressed harder than usual.

In the video below you can have a more precise idea of ​​the defect, which seems to concentrate in three precise points of the upper part of the display, always when oriented vertically:

Delivered in service and received a replacement copy, the user would have encountered the same problem. Below the post there are other user replies confirming the same malfunction. What is the cause of this iPad Mini 6 problem?

It is still not clear whether it is an extended phenomenon or a more than normal malfunction of a few units, something that affects every large production batch. With a greater diffusion of the iPad Mini of the sixth generation in the coming weeks, you will be able to have a more reliable idea.

Here is is slow-mo video of scrolling on the iPad Min i slowed down EVEN MORE in a frame- by-frame step through. Notice how the right moves up faster than the left.

In normal usage you barely see it, but every now and then it become noticeable. In landscape it goes away entirely pic.twitter.com/iq9LGJzsDI

- Dieter Bohn (@backlon) September 22, 2021

About a week ago the reports arrived of the gelatinous effect when scrolling a page vertically. In that case, Apple responded by stating that it was a known phenomenon called skewing, which will not be corrected by the company.

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