Far Cry 6 on PC: the differences with PS5 between performance and exclusive features

Far Cry 6 on PC: the differences with PS5 between performance and exclusive features

Far Cry 6 on PC

Far Cry 6 offers on PC the best possible version of the new chapter of the Ubisoft series, thanks to some exclusive features introduced for the occasion. We are referring to ray tracing and FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, which through its advanced upscaling allows you to substantially improve the performance of the game regardless of the effects, in particular on AMD video cards, but also on NVIDIA ones.

On balance, this is not a small addition: we talked about how the island of Yara on PS5 was not able to return those evocative landscapes that it was reasonable to expect from a similar setting and indeed on PC the situation is very different. Although in fact the application of ray tracing on the shadows goes almost unnoticed, on the reflections the improvement is clear and evident in combination with the excellent lighting system of the game.

History and prerogatives

Far Cry 6, the first meeting is Dani Rojas in female version and Clara Garcia As you have probably read in the review of Far Cry 6, this new episode boasts some interesting novelties on the narrative front, with a protagonist who finally speaks (not in our language, unfortunately: the dubbing in Italian is missing) and that it is possible to see in action in the interlude sequences, male or female depending on the choice we will make during the first minutes of the campaign.

This is Dani Rojas, an ex guerrilla determined to leave the island of Yara and reach America to escape the dictatorial regime of Anton Castillo, the ruthless president played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. Unfortunately, things don't go the right way and Dani's childhood friend ends up killed, along with the many people crammed into the ship that was supposed to lead them towards a better future.

Driven by a strong desire for revenge, the protagonist of Far Cry 6 decides to join the rebel group Libertad, accepting the task of making contact with four other factions of armed dissidents on the island and convincing the their leader to join the fight against Castillo in an attempt to eliminate the dictator, neutralize his army and finally establish a democratic government.

A mission that recalls the classic structure of the series: each region of Yara is controlled by some lieutenants of the president and we will have to put them out of the game to win the trust of the rebels with whom we wish to forge an alliance. To do this we will, of course, have to fight by drawing on a large arsenal of weapons that includes the Supreme, namely a missile backpack that can give a single guerrilla the power of a platoon.

Graphic options

Far Cry 6, an evocative battle sequence at dawn The graphics inevitably represent an element of great importance in the Far Cry 6 experience. Just think of the introduction of 60 fps on the new generation consoles, which improves significantly the accuracy of the gunplay, albeit spoiled by some questionable solution in the most frenetic and agitated clashes; and clearly to the quality of the assets and effects, in charge of giving the scenario a greater personality.

Well, the graphics options available on PC clarify a certain attention to scalability, given the presence of numerous adjustable presets, but also of a scaler for the resolution, automatic or manual, and of the aforementioned FidelityFX Super Resolution technology from AMD. All viable solutions, as we will see shortly, to obtain the best performance depending on the hardware we have.

Far Cry 6 for PC, the graphics options First, however, let's go down to the specifics of the settings, which in addition to the obvious the ability to adjust the resolution and the infrequent option to change the aspect ratio of the screen include two items in particular for fine adjustments, namely "Quality" and "Advanced Settings". The first includes the various presets dedicated to texture filters, shadows, geometry and vegetation, environment, water, terrain and volumetric fog: with an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (review here) you can put everything on Ultra and then think about how to do it. work properly.

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The first difference in terms of performance obviously does the HD Texture Pack, which even on PC can be downloaded separately and weighs the beauty of over 40 GB. The good news is that Far Cry 6's requirements, which speak of a GPU with more than 11 GB of memory to be able to use the package, do not correspond to reality: even if you have a card with less VRAM, for example an NVIDIA RTX 3070 (review here), you will have no problems activating it.

Far Cry 6 for PC, the options dedicated to image scaling There are two types of antialiasing, SMAA and TAA, the latter mandatory where Super Resolution is activated, while as mentioned ray tracing can be used for shadows and reflections with two separate items. Obviously these are the heaviest effects ever for the game, and to enjoy them while leaving the output intact you must necessarily use a scaler.

Find everything you need in the "Advanced Settings" tab, where there are vertical synchrony, the block for the frame rate, the regulator for the FOV and, in fact, the options relating to the scaling of the resolution: the adaptive one, which however works only if the target to be reached is almost within reach; the real one, which decreases the effective resolution with respect to the output; and finally the AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution, which can be adjusted to four presets: Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced and Performance.


Far Cry 6 for PC, the benchmark results Far Cry 6 has a convenient internal benchmark that allows you to immediately check the selected graphics settings, with the only inconvenience of having to restart the game when you activate or deactivate the HD Texture Pack. The test consists of the traditional flight within the scenario, in this case a small village of Yara with different characters in the street, elements in motion even from a distance and a clash between rebels and soldiers that moves things a bit.

The benchmark result gives you an idea of ​​the in-game performance, but it is not perfectly representative of the situations you will be in, which means that you have to consider a certain surplus in order to be able to rest assured where your goal is to play at a solid 60 fps and never an uncertainty. If, on the other hand, you have no problem giving a few frames, while always remaining above 50 frames per second, you can opt for a higher quality.

Far Cry 6 for PC, ray tracing acts on the puddle but not on the sea, where we see the screen space reflection in action. activating ray tracing. If, on the other hand, you care about perfect fluidity, you can fall back on the Performance preset of the Super Resolution, while giving up a bit of definition, especially on the smaller elements in the distance.

Clearly we are talking about the simpler approach, which consists precisely in adjusting everything to the maximum and acting only on the scalers in order to obtain the best possible visual rendering. However, going down from the Ultra preset to the High preset does not imply who knows what quality loss, just as completely disabling anti-aliasing on a 4K screen can be a way to gain a few frames. In short, the game provides the tools to find the compromise that best suits your configuration.

Optimization on AMD cards

AMD RX 6700 XT Far Cry 6 is optimized for AMD cards and enjoys support for the new FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology, the advanced upscaling that does not take advantage of artificial intelligence but still guarantees a more refined rendering of classic upscalers. Hence the promise of high performance on all the latest generation Radeons, with the ability to play at 30fps in 4K with an AMD Radeon RX 6800 despite the weight of the game's massive open world engine that takes advantage of both demanding ray tracing lighting. for the reflections, spectacular in the case of explosions, and for the decidedly realistic shadows.

FSR technology, it must be said, is also available using NVIDIA Geforce cards of the last three generations, but in the case of Radeon cards, as shown by AMD, it guarantees a performance increase in the order of 46%, while maintaining high image quality. It is also not the only bow arrow from AMD.

The new Ubisoft title, not surprisingly also used to create the AMD Radeon Raise the Game bundle, in fact enjoys support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, designed to work in combination with HDR and Low-Framerate Compensation, as well as to features of the AMD FidelityFX suite such as the Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) which, usable when the FSR technology is disabled, improves detail where the contrast is low, ensuring sharper and more precise images.

Visual rendering

Far Cry 6 for PC, the sunset road without ray tracing Far Cry 6 for PC, the sunset road with ray tracing The Dunia 2 graphics engine still suffers from some episode of stuttering and Far Cry 6 is no exception, both on consoles and on PC, but the phenomenon is fortunately limited to some sequences. That said, on the Windows platform the presence of ray tracing has a great impact on the visual rendering and undoubtedly adds charm to an otherwise often generic setting in assets and design.

As can be seen from the images we have captured , on the shadows the thing is not noticed but on the reflections in some situations the difference is like between day and night. For example, when shooting on wet roads the sunlight is reflected on the entire mantle in a much more convincing and realistic way, and in the same way the image of the protagonist is reflected on the windows of the cars.

Far Cry 6 for PC, a station without ray tracing Far Cry 6 for PC, a station with ray tracing The effect generally appears softer than screen space reflection (which remains in some situations, see the surface of the sea), probably for street of the resolution used. In any case, once you have tried the game in action with active ray tracing it is hard to do without it and it is therefore a real boon to implement the Super Resolution in order to minimize the impact of this technology on performance.

In conclusion, Far Cry 6 on PC suffers from the same strengths and weaknesses we talked about in the review, but there is no doubt that the addition of a sophisticated effect manages to give more personality to the landscapes of Yara, which become so much more suggestive in correspondence with the movement of the sun, with some sunsets that remain etched in the mind and give a further meaning to the exploration of the scenario.

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