Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall release period revealed

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall release period revealed

Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is the new anime series of the franchise born from an illustration of huke in 2007 whose anime series of 2012, consisting of 8 episodes, is also available in our country both in home video thanks to Dynit (you can recover the your copy on Amazon) is streamed free on VVVVID.

Now, the anime's official website has revealed the names of the staff members, the key visual and the premiere in the spring of 2022.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall - all we know

After almost ten years the character created by huke returns to the protagonist of a new anime series, entitled Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall.

Staff members are: Tensho (Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, Azur Lane) directs the series at Bibury Animation Studios and Bibury Animation CG. Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass, Berserk) writes and coordinates the scripts together with Ryo Yoshigami (Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System, Psycho-Pass 3, Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector).

Rui Tomono (The Relative Worlds), Makoto Ishiwata (Psycho-Pass) and Yojo Ota (Azur Lane) took care of the concept design. Masayuki Nonaka (Rewrite, Azur Lane) and Yo Nakagawa (Azur Lane) are the character designers and animation supervisors. huke is credited for the original subject and the original character design.

This is the new key visual:

We remind you that Black Rock Shooter was born from an original drawing by huke which then inspired a song of Supercell sung by Hatsune Miku.

A 50-minute OVA based on the character was released in 2009, while a complete television anime was broadcast in 2012 in the anime block NoitaminA while in Italy it is available for free streaming on VVVVID which describes the plot as follows:

The friendship between Mato Kuroi and Yomi Takanashi, born between the school desks, is severely tested by Kagari's disturbing presence and Yomi's jealousy.

One day Yomi disappears into thin air without leaving any trace of herself. In the desperate search for her friend, Mato is transported to a parallel world thanks to a pendant that she herself had given her: here she meets a strange girl called Black Rock Shooter and she will be forced to fight against a terrible demon to free Yomi ...

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New Black Rock Shooter Anime Project Revealed

New Black Rock Shooter Anime Project Revealed

black rock shooterIt’s been a while since we heard about any Black Rock Shooter anime, but more is officially in the works. Original creator huke revealed a new visual to announce that a TV anime project has started, adding a note of surprise that there’s a new project on the way based on a character created so many years ago.

Currently known as Black ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALL, the project marks the first for the character in almost 10 years. You can see huke’s visual below.

The first Black Rock Shooter anime was released in the form of a 50-minute OVA in 2009, with a TV anime series following in 2012. Here’s the full comment about the new project from huke:

“A new Black ★ Rock Shooter anime…? Insane!? When huke first heard about the project, like many other fans, I was also very surprised by the news. I hope you can look forward to seeing where Black★Rock Shooter, which started with a single illustration, will eventually end up.”

And the illustration that started it all:

Stay tuned for more details on this one as they’re revealed.

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