My Hero Academia 5: new key visual and start date of My Villain Academia

My Hero Academia 5: new key visual and start date of My Villain Academia

My Hero Academia 5

The social portals of Season 5 of My Hero Academia, inspired by the manga of the same name written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, have released a new key visual entirely dedicated exclusively to the next episode, the 19th (107th considering the previous ones seasons), out in Japan on August 14, 2021.

We can watch it below with Aizawa and Present Mic:

Also, for completeness we can learn a brief synopsis of the episode, entitled A Hero more than anyone else, spread among the pages of the double number 36-37 of Weekly Shonen Jump (10 August 2021) and a short promo already unveiled at the conclusion of the previous episode. The synopsis emerged online on Twitter:

“At the end of the Christmas holidays, Aizawa and Present Mic head to a villain's cell for a very particular reason…”

My Hero Academia Episode 107 Preview.

Airs: August 14

- Atsu (@ Atsushi101X) July 31, 2021

And not it's over here. Before closing, the aforementioned magazine also revealed that the last act of Season 5, or the narrative arc My Villain Academia, will debut with episode 108 scheduled for 21 August 2021.

The episode 108 will be entitled, in fact, My Villain Academia and here is a brief synopsis:

“A certain individual contacts Shigaraki and the Union of Villain. What will his true identity be? "

My Hero Academia 5

My Hero Academia 5 began on March 27, 2021 and to date has 18 episodes of 25 aired. The series has adapted for the moment the narrative arc of the joint training between Class 1-A and Class 1-B and the Izuku, Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki internship at the Endeavor agency.

In Italy, it is visible simultaneously with Japan through Crunchyroll's on-demand streaming platform.

My Hero Academia, the manga and the anime

My Hero Academia is made up of four seasons all available in free streaming on the VVVVID platform. The first four seasons and the OAVs were broadcast unencrypted by Mediaset networks, obviously dubbed in Italian, between 2018 and 2021. You can recover the series on home video thanks to Dynit which created 3 blu-ray boxes for the first two seasons , also with Italian audio, My Hero Academia Season 1, My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 1 and My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 2.

Season 5 is currently being simulcasted on Crunchyroll. Three films are also linked to the anime series: Two Heroes, HEROES RISING and World Heroes' Mission (the first two also released for Dynit).

The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi, which is still being published. The manga is published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics which has published 28 volumes so far (don't miss it here on Amazon).

For those unfamiliar with here is a brief synopsis of the series:

“In a world in which being superheroes is the norm, being born without particular powers is equivalent to a real misfortune. Izuku Midoriya will have to go all out to get a superpower, and despite the feat it seems impossible that anyone will end up noticing his abilities ".

My Hero Academia Season 5 New Trailer, Key Visual Revealed

My Hero Academia, just after the launch of the third movie in Japan, published a new key visual and trailer for the upcoming episode 107 (S5 Episode 19) and the rest of Season 5.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2



My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2





My Hero Academia – New trailer, key visual for Season 5 episode 19

Seeing Season 5 Episode 19 of My Hero Academia was delayed, Toho Animation specifically published a key visual and trailer for the episode. As a reminder for next week.

The new key visual for Season 5 Episode 19 was revealed at the “Boku no Hero Academia 2021 Ultra Summer Special” stream this August 7. The stream featured Daiki Yamashita (Deku), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Bakugo), and Yuki Kaij (Todoroki) chatting with each other and sharing the news. You can catch the full stream here, though you’ll need to speak Japanese to get everything.

You can find the trailer below. Calling it a trailer is a bit grand though as it’s a longer version, 30 seconds, of the usual next episode preview at the end of every single anime episode. Speaking of which, it’s pretty interesting how younger anime fans nowadays, most notably with Netflix and binge-watching, aren’t used to always watching anime OPs, EDs, and next episode previews anymore.

You could claim that it’s best to skip the previews to avoid spoilers, but a lot of anime actually play with that or have exclusive dialogues or jokes in the previews. See Cross Ange, Katanagatari, or Kare Kano among the first examples that come to mind. Anyways, the preview for My Hero Academia Episode 107 is right below.


More on MHA, Kohei Horikoshi

Right now, Boku no Hero Academia The Movie World Heroes Mission was released in Japan on August 6. However, the movie has no release plans announced yet outside Japan. It’ll obviously come over at some point. So we should patiently wait for future announcements.

Last but not least, if you haven’t been doing it yet, be sure to follow Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia’s mangaka, on Twitter. Ever since Season 5 began, he’s been active again and regularly sharing exclusive artwork before every new episode airs.

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