LoL: Professional player Doublelift takes a break because of burnout

LoL: Professional player Doublelift takes a break because of burnout


League of Legends is a hot spot at times. Not only for hobby gamers who experience the daily load of toxic behavior while playing, especially professional players have to always deliver despite strong competition and great pressure. The former professional player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is now retired, but still streams the extremely successful Moba of Legends (buy now € 18.98). Doublelift talks about its exact reasons in a video.

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A lack of goals, a lack of fun and anxiety: That's why Doublelift needs a break

Although Doublelift announced his retirement from the League of Legends professional scene last year, he hasn't turned his back on the title. Until now anyway. Because in a video, the former AD-Carry announced that he needs a final break from LoL, especially with regard to ranked grinding in the stream.

He justifies his decision as follows: "For a few weeks or even a month now, I've been dragging my way through Solo Queue. I'm damn depressed when I play. It's so obvious that I hate it and not having fun. And when I do I wake up that day and I'm scared. And I think I don't want to play solo cue, I don't want to play league. I just don't want to play it, I have nothing for that it's worth playing. "

He misses the old days and says that Solo Queue is simply no comparison to how the competitive scene felt to him:" When I play League, it feels like like a watered down version of the game I played for ten years when I played competitive. Solo Queue is so many levels away from competitive play. It feels almost meaningless. "

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League of Legends: Up to 12 hours compulsory break for queue dodgers

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A break from streaming or a break from League?

He is now also critical of streaming: "Why do I do it? Because it has become a job. And I don't want streaming to become a job. If I'm completely honest with you, I don't need a job , I don't care about the money. It is really important to me that I do something that I like and fulfill and that I can share with other people. "

Whether he wants to stream just because of League of Legends has passed, Doublelift did not reveal, but seems likely based on his previous statements. Let's hope that the break is good for him and that he can start again with new energy. If not with League, then with something else.

Source: Doublelift on YouTube

Riot's decision to shift League of Legends' LCS playoff showcases their priority for player safety

Riot Games have recently announced that they have changed the venue of League of Legends’ LCS playoffs from the Prudential Center to the LCS Arena in Los Angeles.

The Prudential center is an extremely prestigious location. Over the past one and half years, esports has been affected quite significantly due to the pandemic. However, in several countries like the United States, steps were taken to ensure that each and every citizen got vaccinated.

Top companies started to roll out vaccines in the Spring, and Riot Games decided to take the decision accordingly. However, it seems things did not turn out as they planned.

Riot Games wants to conduct the tournament at the LCS Center as they are worried about player health and safety. Riot feels that putting the health of players at risk just to feed the competitive hunger of League of Legends is not worth it. It is important to ensure that players are safe and that they are able to play fearlessly.

This shows the responsibility that Riot has and the efficiency with which they are undertaking the same. Riot Games are showing that they are not a company who made League of Legends just to earn money.

They care about the players who are playing under them and therefore, protecting the players is also their task to undertake.

According to Riot Games:

“While we expect other shows and sporting events to press on through this period, the LCS does not need to take health and safety risks in order to produce its core competitive product. Pivoting all postseason operations to the LCS Arena in Los Angeles provides a safer environment for everyone, and helps ensure our Worlds representatives will be healthy for their trip to China”

This is an exceptionally commendable step by the company, and even though fans will be sad, they will eventually understand. The number of Covid-19 cases have been surging once again in the United States, and at a time like this, it makes sense that a drastic step is being taken to ensure a safe and sustainable future of for League of Legends in North America.

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