ColorOS 12 is official, all the news coming to Oppo and OnePlus smartphones

ColorOS 12 is official, all the news coming to Oppo and OnePlus smartphones

ColorOS 12 is official

As anticipated by various rumors and rumors, today Oppo announced all the news coming with the future update of its user interface. ColorOS 12, which will be based on Android 12, will arrive over the next few months on the most recent Oppo and OnePlus smartphones, recently officially merged into a single entity.

Here's everything that will change after the update!

Oppo has proved very fast with the updating of its Android smartphones over the last few years, continuing to support its flagship models quickly and constantly even outside the borders of China.

Although the company had already released a first beta of Android 12 for Oppo Find X3 Pro immediately after the official announcement by Google of the Pixel test program, this version of OS did not include any customization or skins. Oppo has now finally announced all the news coming to ColorOS 12, a software that will reach all supported smartphones as soon as possible!

Graphic novelties

What certainly catches your eye immediately are the numerous visual changes made by Oppo to ColorOS 12. The company has based the entire user interface on the concept of Infinite Design, a name it has given to the new graphic language. New icons have been introduced, new animations, an update of Omoji (the brand's version of Apple's Memoji-style virtual avatars) and much more.

The Android skin now features square icons with rounded edges (squircle ) which are much more consistent with each other than those of ColorOS 11. The icons use softer colors but retain enough detail and texture to avoid confusion.

Oppo has changed the positioning of the UI elements in ColorOS 12 to better manage the information density. ColorOS 12 has all the interface elements well spaced, leaving plenty of white space to help users easily differentiate the various information shown on the screen. The company has also increased text contrast and added distinctive color shades creating a generally more comfortable experience.

Smoother animations and better performance

Oppo has worked hard to further improve what in my opinion was already the smoothest Android skin available around. ColorOS 12 uses what the company calls the Quantum Animation Engine, which brings with it over 300 improved animations within the software. The brand claims that these animations mimic "the natural physics of resistance, inertia and rebound" to make the overall experience "more realistic, smoother and more intuitive".

To combat slowdowns and jerks throughout the ColorOS 12, Oppo has implemented an AI-based “anti-trigger” engine. During the presentation the company stated that the following results were obtained through this mechanism:

"In a test conducted at the Oppo technical laboratories, the results show that with this technology, after a telephone is been simulated for 36 months of continuous use, the reduction in read / write performance was less than 5%, and the overall aging rate was only 2.75% ".

The anti AI system -stutter can also suggest priorities in the behavior of apps to ensure smooth operation based on the user's habits.

New functions

Obviously all the features have been implemented in the new version of ColorOS new features announced by Google in Android 12. Oppo has improved the FlexDrop functionality, introduced with ColorOS 11, to encourage the use of multitasking and improve the management of on-screen windows.

Smart Sidebar has been updated with six new tools , these can help users quickly play songs from the web in the Music Player app or compare prices on eCommerce sites.

Oppo also introduced the new Cross-Screen Interconnection feature to simplify connectivity between phones. and PC. The feature allows users to control smartphones from the computer, share files and edit documents between the two devices. Cross-Screen Interconnection is compatible with most major brands of Windows 10 laptops.

The Omoji have been updated and improved in facial recognition using only the front camera even if it lacks dedicated sensors like the ones that debuted on the first Find X.

Better security and privacy

ColorOS 12 also includes all the new features dedicated to privacy and security presented with Android 12 by Google. The software will show badges when an app uses the microphone, the camera or the position of the smartphone, the function will therefore prevent third-party apps from collecting data in the background without the user's knowledge. Also in ColorOS 12 there is a detailed permissions dashboard to help users manage them.

A new secure sharing feature has been announced to help users remove metadata from images before sharing. We have seen several OEMs implement a similar feature on other Android skins and it is interesting to see that Oppo is following suit.

When will the Android 12 / ColorOS 12 update be released on Oppo and OnePlus smartphones?

Oppo has already announced the roadmap for the release of updates to Android 12 for its devices. ColorOS 12 will arrive first on the Oppo Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition, while a beta version for the Find X3 series and the OnePlus 9 range will arrive as early as October.

Find X2 and Reno6 family devices will receive the first beta builds of ColorOS 12 in November while the Reno 5, K9, A95, A93, Ace 2 and OnePlus 8 series devices will receive the public beta in December.

The company has announced that the update will gradually reach over 150 millions of users via more than 110 different smartphone models.

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