Four - Luca Farru's awakening, the review

Four - Luca Farru's awakening, the review

Four - Luca Farru's awakening

Quattro - The awakening is the first volume of Luca Farru's all-Italian urban fantasy saga, a story that has won millions of fans on Wattpad and that not only tells of supernatural, magic and incredible powers, but also of family ties, love and friendship .

“In the dark of the night, something came to life. He was hungry, he desperately wanted to break free from the prison he had been confined to. He felt incomplete, worn out, but he had figured out how to exploit the weakness of their minds. Tic-toc. "

Four - Awakening: welcome to the supernatural world

Nuramen is the supernatural world, whose name means "house of the sacred flame". In this world, ruled by Queen Melania, the guardians live, along with other magical creatures, such as goblins and sorcerers. Magical creatures have been battling demons for millennia, led by Satan. For a long time things have remained relatively quiet but now, the demons, residing in the dark realm of Inferium, have only one purpose: to bring Serafyn, one of the most powerful demons of hell, back to life. A superior demon and Satan's right hand. Serafyn had been defeated during the War of the Thousand, in which the demon had tried to reopen the gates of hell by sacrificing a thousand human souls.

Thanks to a spell from Melania, Serafyn's soul had been divided into four pieces, kept inside four humans, protected by four supervisors. The demons, however, managed to sabotage the spell, changing the guests of the fragments and thus choosing four supernatural creatures. Among these are two boys, Cody and Matt, and two girls Rose and Sybil, called Sleepers, or descendants of the angels whose powers are destined to remain latent, as well as their immortality, unless they are involved in a supernatural fact. . When a strange S-shaped mark appears on their body, things start to change. They begin to have strange visions or hallucinations, which become more and more vivid and their powers awaken.

That brand puts the boys in serious danger. The veil that separates the natural and the supernatural is torn apart, and the boys discover that they are being targeted by Serafyn's followers. They have no choice but to come to terms with their fate, learn how to use their powers. But the road will not be easy and what awaits them are enormous challenges and shocking discoveries. Will they be able to prevent Serafyn's return and save those they love?

Four - Awakening: a plot full of twists

If you have read Shadow Hunter, perhaps you will find the same ones in this novel atmospheres. Four - The awakening is an urban fantasy in which magic and the supernatural are breathed in every page. The whole world and urban landscapes are impregnated with it, only humans cannot know it and for good reason. Humans must never become aware of the existence of the supernatural, an essential rule that we find in many other fantasy stories. To protect them, sorcerers practice oblivium, so that the memory of human beings is erased.

History finds its foundation in the ancient war of Good against Evil, a war that has lasted for millennia and which sees opposites the fractions of angels and demons. The narration is fast, full of action. Each chapter is in fact divided into sub-chapters, in which the author passes, sometimes with a disarming speed that leaves no time for the reader to really understand what happened just before, from one protagonist to another, from one scene to another. another, until the four protagonists finally find themselves together. On the contrary, the feelings between the characters come to life little by little even if many times they have no way of reflecting, forced to flee and face something that no one had ever prepared for them. Acceptance soon dominates in them, but also the need to remain faithful to their human part, especially when the voice of Serafyn resounds in their minds.

The narration is alternated with flashbacks that are inserted in key points of the story or in moments that allow us not to interrupt the narration, which is still fluid and thanks to which we learn about the past of the characters. Already at the beginning the story opens with a flashback, in which we are catapulted back two years and where we are presented with the four protagonists of the story, still unaware of the beings destined to receive the fragments of Serafyn's soul, even if already something is about to change in their lives.

The story is full of action and twists that keep the reader glued to the pages until an ending that no one can predict. The four protagonists must grow up fast and master their powers simply because their life is in danger. But what if not only demons were threatening them?

The language used is also suitable for a young audience, as it is fluent and not demanding. The author uses the descriptions wisely, which do not tire or slow down the reading. Within the novel we find references to the angelic language, on the first page but also scattered throughout the book, writings that give the latter that extra touch of originality and that arouses the curiosity of a reader. It is impossible not to translate those written.

Four - The awakening: the characters

At the beginning of the story Cody, Matt, Rose and Sybil, four normal boys, like many others, do not they still know they are destined to become the main protagonists of a war between Good and Evil, but they are aware that something incredible and strange is already happening. And no, they're not crazy, even if that's the first thought they all have.

Cody is a strong, sometimes impulsive guy who works in the marketing department of a cosmetics company in Vancouver. He is the first to arrive in Nuramen, after accidentally setting fire to the room and being rescued by David, one of the guardians, who immediately set his sights on the young man.

Matt is an established writer who lives in chaotic New York and his first contact is with Rose, the most fragile of the group. Model, with alcoholism problems, he will find in his companions a shoulder to lean on. The two slowly begin to get to know each other, to become aware of their powers and the difficulties they face in the supernatural world.

Sybil is enterprising and self-confident, she has a difficult past due to the almost absent relationship with parents. The only person she is connected to is her grandmother. Things immediately turn bad for the girl who, after being attacked by Bugur and learning the truth of his birth, is captured by Kevin, half demon and half human, who tries to return to Inferium by delivering her to Gaia, the more powerful demon and soon discovered to have a special bond with Sybil.

The villains keep the promise of the name. They are demons and they behave accordingly. They are evil beings and commit acts of pure hatred towards human beings. Their goal is only one: to resurrect Serafyn.

"Without delay, Gaia grabbed the dagger she had placed on the altar and cut the child's throat with a sharp gesture, a gruesome scene that no witness would have wanted to witness . A total, chilling silence fell into the room, interrupted only by the sound of blood dripping into the tub and by the sinister verses that Gaia recited as if they were a blasphemous prayer. "

The only exception is Kevin, one of the characters that struck me the most. He is a half-breed and from birth he struggles not to give in to the demonic side, that of him inherited from his father. Over the course of his life he has done a lot of evil acts, until he meets Sybil. Has the moment of redemption arrived for him? Is it really possible to get rid of one's corrupt soul?

About the author

Luca Farru was born in Busto Arsizio, 1987, and grew up in a small provincial town with many ambitions, dreams in the drawer and hunger to grow. He graduated in economics with honors and today he deals with business strategy in fashion: numbers, responsibilities, a team of people to manage and in his free time he writes. Four - Awakening marks his debut.

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