How to use the PS5 controller with iPhone

How to use the PS5 controller with iPhone

The simple procedure to play better even with other Apple devices such as iPad, Mac and Apple TV

(Photo: Sony) With the update 4.0.0 of the Sony Remote Play application it is possible to use DualSense of Ps5 on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV as it already happened with the previous Ps4 DualShock 4. It will thus be possible to stream PlayStation games on Apple devices by playing with the stock controller and taking advantage of almost all the original functions. Here's how to take advantage of this possibility.

Necessary premise: to associate the Ps5 DualSense via bluetooth with the desired Apple device, it is necessary to update the operating systems to iOs 14.5 versions if you want to use an iPhone, macOs Big Sur 11.3 for i Mac, iPadOs 14.5 for iPad and tvOS 14.5 for Apple Tv.

How to pair DualSense with your Apple device

The procedure is quite simple and is divided into two steps. The first is to activate the DualSense pairing mode: you will have to make sure that the player light on the controller is off (by holding down the Ps button) and disconnect any USB cables. Now you will have to hold down the Create key and the Ps key until the light bar starts to flash.

To connect the wireless controller you will have to activate the bluetooth on the desired device, tap or click on the name of the DualSense from the list of nearby devices and check that the controller light bar flashes and the player indicator light turns on.

Pairing can only be done one device at a time, if you want to switch from iPad to iPhone for example yes will have to repeat the procedure.

What can be done with DualSense with Apple devices

Not all functions are available, for example the award-winning haptic feedback of evolved vibration or the use of integrated speaker and microphone will be absent or still the audio connection with headphone jack.

It will also be possible to take advantage of DualSense to play more comfortably in games compatible with Mfi controllers that is Made for iOs (Made for iOs) from the various Asphalt to the various Sonic indie gems like Alto's Adventure or titles like Street Fighter Iv.

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