Life is Strange makers are tired of the series

Life is Strange makers are tired of the series

Most people are familiar with Dontnod Entertainment through the Life-Is-Strange series. But the rights to the titles are not owned by the French developer studio, but by Square Enix. The new offshoot, Life Is Strange: True Colors, is also not developed by Dontnod, but by Deck Nine, who also worked on Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. At the moment, Dontnod would rather concentrate on its own projects than on Life Is Strange, as CEO Oskar Guilbert reports in an interview with IGN:

"Never say never, but at the moment it's not our strategy. We want to create our own IP. That's what we want to do. "

It is not out of the question that Dontnod will be working on another Life-Is-Strange title again, but for the near future the studio has with us nothing to do with the title at first. Xavier Spinat, Head of Publishing, added to Guilbert's statement: "Of course we look at what happens. Our fans look at it, so we look at it."

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Life is Strange: Developers announce break for the series

The Dontnod Entertainment team has announced a break for Life is Strange. Now the focus is first on a new IP. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371874,1369660,1363041,1358806'; Guilbert goes on to explain how important it is for the studio to be independent and have their own IPs. So Dontnod has probably rejected some offers from other companies that wanted to buy up the French developer studio.

"We believe it's really important to the company, to the teams, and to the future of Dontnod. This is our focus for the next few years so we decided to develop IPs, wholly or partially owned by Dontnod. This is our new plan. We are continuing to work with Focus Home Interactive. We have worked with them on Vampyr, we are working with them on Project 8 [a Dontnod internal name for one of their upcoming games] Yes, we are the Life Is Strange studio right now, but I hope that in the future we will become known for our other games. "

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