Gordian GX-95 by Tamashii Nations: the review

Gordian GX-95 by Tamashii Nations: the review

Gordian GX-95 by Tamashii Nations

From Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits, after years of waiting and many requests from fans, the GX-95 Gordian for the Soul of Chogokin line has finally arrived in stores and in all online stores. The robots are made of both metal and plastic, they are configured with a matryoshka conformation, as if they were armor worn one on top of the other. Will all this waiting time have satisfied fans around the world? Find out with us by reading our review.


The story is set in Victor City, a futuristic city besieged by the Madokter army, belonging to a dynasty whose origin is lost in the mists of time. The protagonist is Daigo Otaki, a young reckless teenager, with a passion for American football, raised by his uncle Gen as he is convinced that he is an orphan of both parents. On his seventeenth birthday, he, accompanied by the faithful cyborg panther Clint, decides to join the ranks of the Victor City Mechacon army, to play his part in the war against the terrible invaders. Shortly after, Daigo discovers that he has an older sister named Saori, who will reveal the truth about his past and make him aware of the events that have occurred to his father and above all of the existence of Gordian, the robot designed by his father specifically to enter into synchrony. with the boy's body and mind. Despite himself, the boy finds himself being catapulted into a war by becoming the champion of Victor City, facing and repelling enemy attacks with robots created especially for him.

The Characters

Like any Japanese cartoon series, the anime characters are many and are divided between good and bad, but let's get to know some of them in detail:

The Coupons…

Daigo Otaki is the son of the scientist Kyotaro Otaki, killed by the mercenary Cross Cross for a misunderstanding. When he was a child, his father transplanted devices so that he could be in tune with the robot Gordian and the energy of the X-Tron, a living substance, capable of exchanging "emotional energy" from which the mecha is powered. As a teenager Daigo comes into contact with Gordian created to fight the evil power of the Madokter. Saori Otaki is Daigo's sister and she has always lived in Santore's secret base. She knows many secrets but she knows that she will have to wait for Daigo to mature to keep him informed of everything she is hiding. Roset is a very young girl who lives in Santore's base as an assistant to Saori. Barry Hawk is the commander in chief of the Mechacon and superior of Daigo, the two are great friends, in fact, it happens very often that you get him out of trouble. Peggy is part of the Mechacon group under Barry's orders and Daigo's "unofficial" girlfriend. Dalph is Daigo's roommate as well as his great friend, he is also part of Barry's army and during the series he will prove to be a person of great courage by helping the young hero several times.

… and the Bad Guys

The Grand Master Dokuma is the leader of the Madokter, a voice without a body, which is provided by an intricate electronic brain, in fact, the only things that appear of him only the two luminous eyes. Determined to steal the secrets of Kyotaro Otaki's Project X and the secrets of X-Tron, the Grand Master Dokuma will do everything to give the earthlings a hard time, even chasing them into sidereal space. The Warlord Barras assumes command of the Madokter armed forces, thanks to his merits on the battlefield, thus earning the favors of the Grand Master by becoming a Leader and thus leading the military actions. General Saxidar is the oldest member of the enemy ranks and he is entrusted with the reading of the book of Revelation by the Grand Master Dokuma. Although Barbadas is called a General, he is actually a subordinate to the other Generals, often fighting on the front lines against Gordian. Elias is the only female general present in the higher ranks of the Madokter, coming from a family of notables she is a shrewd and fearsome woman in terms of strategic skills she is not inferior to her male colleagues. Clorias is the youngest general and is in charge of military operations. During a battle he is left to die by Barras at the hands of Gordian, after failing an attempt to seize power at the expense of the other generals.

The box

The huge box is completely made in cardboard, in addition to being thick and wide, it has very substantial dimensions: approximately 43 cm wide, 30 cm high and 18 cm deep. On the left façade we find a photo of the protagonists who form the Gordian, starting from the smallest robot Protesser, the median robot Dellinger, a close-up of the major robot Garbin, the black panther Clint and the protagonist Daigo, while moving to the right we find Gordian already transformed into a pose ready to attack and even lower down there is the holographic seal of quality the Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits logos.


Inside the main box we find a solid and large white polystyrene, covered with a transparent plastic lid with the three main robots that make up the Gordian: Protesser, Dellinger and Garbin.

In addition to these there are some extras such as:

The protagonist Daigo The cyborg panther Clint A second interchangeable face A shield In the first transparent blister there are the many aforementioned extra accessories such as:

Three pairs of alternate hands for Gordian / Garbin One pair of hands for Dellinger One pair of hands and one single for Protesser Two football balls A shattering sword A hyper-atomic ax A sword A sharp star Blinding Keraton A beam spear thermal Two breech missiles A disintegrating spear A solar sword A piece for the base In the second and last blister there will be only the parts that will build the display base to store the robots with all the weapons.

Daigo & Clint

Let's start with the protagonist of the anime or Daigo: made entirely of plastic, it reaches a height of about 7 cm, is fully articulated and also very posable. Being very small, we did not expect the face to be 100% similar to the animated counterpart, but neither so "ugly". The panther Clint on the other hand is a static one but overall very well made.


It is the smallest of the three robots that make up Gordian, made entirely of plastic, is about 12 tall, 5 cm. Protensser looks like an American football player with a protective helmet and a game ball that is actually used as an offensive weapon. Despite its small size it has good stability thanks to the friction joints which are quite resistant, even if posability is really reduced. The final visual rendering is however very good. During the transformation it fits inside Dellinger.


Dellinger is the interlude robot, like his predecessor he too was only made of plastic and is 21 cm tall. Red and white in color, this intermediate form is used quite little. The robot immediately stands out for its wonderful details and very faithful anime design.

Garbin / Gordian

Garbin is the third and final robot to form Gordian. Of the three mechas, it is the only one to be made of both metal and plastic and reaches a height of 32 cm. Gordian is blue in color and is the result of the bionic interlocking between the three robots, Protezer, Delinger and Garbin. The final posability is not extreme but it is certainly an excellent compromise linked to the mechanical nature of the model.

Our video review


Could Tamashii Nations have done better? Of course yes, after all we are talking about a company that no one can teach anything in terms of technique and quality. For the first time on these models Tamashii has invented the double joint on the legs of Protteser and Dellinger never seen before on any robot, the only real feature of the GX-95, as far as Daigo is concerned, excellent work, highly articulated but only flaws on the face and the panther Clint very beautiful and faithful but unfortunately she is fixed. Surely it is not the Gordian of the cartoon that everyone expected, but it is still a product that can be liked on a subjective level, for example, we live after having tested it well we have re-evaluated it a lot so do not stop at appearances.

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