The Last of Us 2, Ellie's cosplay from DabbuCosplay is almost the same as the original

The Last of Us 2, Ellie's cosplay from DabbuCosplay is almost the same as the original

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is not a very common subject to use standard cosplay, but there are still attempts to reconstruct the characters through various initiatives, as we see in this case with the excellent reinterpretation of Ellie by DabbuCosplay.

The Naughty Dog series has inspired many amateur productions over time, including videos, short films and various more or less artistic expressions, as we have also recently seen for example with the fan-film Ellie's Revenge or with a music video for the Italian short film fanmade, but in this case we are dealing with a pure and simple cosplay by DabbuCosplay, who manages to reconstruct an almost perfect Ellie, taken from The Last of Us 2.

A little thanks to the features that are rather in line with the original character and a little thanks to the great work carried out on the reconstruction of clothes, expressions and game situations, the Brazilian cosplayer is p probably one of the best performers of Ellie we have seen recently.

To see more photos, please consult the Instagram profile of DabbuCosplay, from which the image below is also taken, because some are truly remarkable as reconstructions of game scenes.

To stay in the cosplay field, we also remind you of some of the latest that we have reported on these pages such as the cosplay of Tifa by irine_meier, that of Gal Gadot of juligeek from Wonder Woman 1984, the cosplay of Bela and Alcina Dimitrescu from Helly Valentine from Resident Evil Village and Nyukix's Mona cosplay from Genshin Impact.

Have you noticed any errors?

The Last of Us 2 alternate ending explained by the game's writers

The Last of Us 2 originally a more definitive ending for protagonist Ellie, co-writer Halley Gross has revealed.

Speaking on the Script Apart podcast earlier this week, Gross touched on the ending of The Last of Us 2. In a slightly different draft for the final ending, Ellie picks up a toy that belongs to Dina's baby when she's back on the farm, before stuffing it into her backpack and heading out. This ending is much more clear-cut in terms of Ellie's intentions to seek out Dina, and Gross explains that they wanted to leave it a little more open to interpretation by the player.

As we know, the final ending of The Last of Us 2 is left pretty open. We ultimately don't know where Ellie is heading when she leaves the farm after putting down Joel's guitar, nor do we know where Dina and her baby have gone. As Gross says, the version of Ellie picking up the baby's toy puts her on a pretty clear path to reuniting with Dina, which isn't what Gross and co-writer Neil Druckmann wanted to go for.

This isn't the only noteworthy conversation topic to come out of the Script Apart podcast this week. Elsewhere, fellow co-writer Neil Druckmann reveals that himself and Gross have outlined the plot of a potential The Last of Us 3. Druckmann makes sure to mention that the game is absolutely not in development right now at Naughty Dog, but that a potential sequel has generated 'quite a bit' of discussion at the developer.

It's hard to say what a sequel to The Last of Us 2 could explore. The game very much feels like the conclusion to Ellie's journey, and the new title screen after the game has been completed indicates that Abby and Lev succeeded in finding the Fireflies in southern California. Could The Last of Us 3 return to Ellie, and perhaps Dina, or would it focus entirely on Abby and Lev instead?

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