Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, we saw the Episode INTERmission with Yuffie

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, we saw the Episode INTERmission with Yuffie

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade

One year later, it's time to return to Midgar. Although our adventure as Cloud and the AVALANCHE group set up by Barret pushed us outside the city walls, with the aim of going to find out what is hidden in the new version of Final Fantasy VII used by Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase, starting next June 10th with Intergrade it will be time to take a step back to discover the Episode INTERmission. In the role of Yuffie Kisaragi we will discover new pieces of the story that the Square-Enix team wanted to set up to create a new painting, which we did not know and which is transforming the seventh chapter of the saga created by Hironobu Sakaguchi into something different. Thanks to a hands-off of just over ten minutes we were able to get a first idea of ​​what awaits us as Yuffie.

On a mission on behalf of Wutai

The DLC of dedicated to the ninja of Wutai, starts exactly after the explosion of the Mako Reactor number 5, which took place in chapter seven of Final Fantasy VII Remake, obviously by Cloud, Tifa and Barret. The placement in time and space of the adventure starring Yuffie had already been possible thanks to the second trailer that was distributed by Square-Enix a few weeks ago: we also know that from Wutai, in addition to the thief of materials, also Sonon arrives, who is entrusted with the mission of breaking into the ShinRa headquarters and stealing a precious Materia. The two ninja are then called to collaborate with an AVALANCHE cell phone that we did not yet know, with the possibility, on our part, of being able to control only Yuffie and never her companion in fortune, however present in battle.

Unlike what happened in Final Fantasy VII Remake, therefore, it will not be possible to switch to another character, especially in the moments when it was more useful to face a flying enemy with Barret or to heal with Aeris: this time we will have to settle for Yuffie's shots and not Sonon's, just as we imagine that the game over can, at this point, arrive more frequently, given the impossibility of resurrecting the ninja by taking control of the other fighter of Wutai. An aspect that will certainly have to be explored in the review, but for now it is more than plausible.

Yuffie for her part will be armed with shuriken, capable of being thrown towards distant enemies - or against crates placed in unreachable places - or alternatively also in melee, confirming that the ninja has specialized in both phases of the fight.

The approach to the battle system is therefore very versatile allowing us to assault our opponents in the way that we will deem most pleasing to our eyes: with Throw it will be possible to hurl the shuriken at the farthest enemies, while with Attack we will manage a series of close combos to knock out the unfortunates or, possibly, increase their state of daze. Among other things, in the case of launch, we will also bea> able to use the recall command before the shuriken can automatically return to the base, so as to take advantage of a second return shot. Also worthy of note is the presence of the "Elemental" variant, which will give the shots an affinity linked to the elements that will annoy the weaknesses of our enemies.

Combat fights

The appearance what fascinated us about the video dedicated to Final Fantasy VII INTERmission is certainly the cooperation that Yuffie puts in place with Sonon, which, although it cannot be controllable, has an important presence on the battlefield. Her Limit Break consists of a long sequence of blows, armed with a powerful rokushakubo, which inflicts a large number of damage on the opponent. As for that of Yuffie, the Bloodbath, we will witness a wild flurry of shots that generates, in its final, a column of fire.

With the pressure then of L2, thus activating the synergy between the two fighters, we're going to activate skills that will enhance Yuffie's basic attacks even more: each command will then be enhanced, creating much more devastating effects than would be the case using, for example, Windstorm alone. An aspect that, when compared to the possibilities that it could create with Cloud and Barret, or even Tifa, lets us imagine that in the second episode of Final Fantasy VII there will be fun.

Finally we also point out some aspects related to the setting and its exploration, with lots of side missions to deal with. The most awaited and certainly welcome for its modernization, is linked to Fort Condor: the mini-game is re-proposed with the same mechanics of the original game, but obviously adapted to today's graphics, retracing what were the tactical choices to be made already in the the nineties. We are talking about a challenge linked to the defense of our outpost and the containment of the opposing troops, placing our troops on the ground to counter the opponent.

Graphically very pleasant we sincerely look forward to being able to there get our hands on it and manage it as we happened to do with the original title. For the rest of the exploration, however, among the cats in the alleys of Midgar and the desire to find out who is the mysterious hooded man that Cloud had also met, the possibility of managing environmental interactions from a distance thanks to Yuffie's shurikens lets us think. that in the future it will be possible to exploit these abilities also in the group with Cloud.

First considerations on Final Fantasy VII INTERmission

The hands off proposed to us by Square-Enix of Final Fantasy VII INTERmission, we also gave the opportunity to see the arrival of Ramuh, another invocation that until today had not been shown to us: spectacular and solemn in its swooping on the battlefield, its column of lightning was deadly, especially because it went to annoy a robotic opponent who did not get along very well with the electric current.

Without going further on what could be the implications of the plot, especially when Yuff ie it will no longer be just a ninja who steals the Materials from the group of mercenaries protagonist of the story, we refer you to the beginning of June, when we will have the opportunity to deepen all the dynamics related to the life of Wutai and the mission that Godo, the feared final boss della Pagoda, has decided to entrust to his daughter and his pupil Sonon.

If you haven't played it yet, you can buy the complete Final Fantasy VII Intergrade package directly on Amazon.

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