Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 RPG Preview

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 RPG Preview

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

They waited a long time, worried whether it would ever appear. Yes, the remake of the JRPG classic Final Fantasy 7 was real and was released exclusively for the PS4 in 2020. So, at least the first part of the remake will be released in an as yet unknown number of episodes. PC and Xbox gamers still have to wait, but PS5 owners can look forward to the fact that in just a few days, namely on June 10th, they will receive an extended version of the adventure.

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1 PLAY JAJA YUFFIE 2 A star that hits your stomach 3 I choose you, Sonon! 4 I swear, Digga 5 You can do it with Shinra 6 Don't call it Tower Defense 7 Could be good Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade brings not only improved technology, but also new content, especially the new chapter Yuffie. We were allowed to see new gameplay in advance and received information about the innovations.

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The biggest innovation: The so-called "Episode Yuffie". The name gives it away, in this main hero Cloud is left out and we slip into the fluffy sandwiches of the eponymous protagonist. Set after the Mako reactor explosion in the main story, she and her partner Sonon set off from their home in Wutai to the city of Midgar to steal valuable material from the Shinra group.

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A star that beats your stomach

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Preview of the PS5 role-playing game (3) Source: Square Enix In a playful way, fan favorite Yuffie, who with a view to the original game will probably also be part of the main party in Final Fantasy Remake Part 2, should get a breath of fresh air Bring adventure. It is particularly agile and heats up its enemies with its huge throwing star.

It should be able to prove itself in close and long-range combat. If her throwing star is on the move and is heating up villains, she can defend herself with ninjutsu attacks at the same time. Later, the ninjutsu attack can also be converted into a fire, lightning, wind or ice attack using elemental expansions.

Further actions allow Yuffie to briefly increase her attack power or to force her enemies through a hurricane Hurling air and distributing area damage.

I choose you, Sonon!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Preview of the PS5 RPG (4) Source: Square Enix Unlike in the main game, the rest of the party, in this case Sonon, cannot be controlled directly. As a player, however, you can give him commands so that he acts as effectively as possible and trigger various synergy attacks together with Yuffie at the push of a button. The ATB display is then cleared. One attack, for example, covers the enemy with strikes that gradually become stronger, while another is an extended version of the cyclone.

Like Cloud and Co., Yuffie and Sonon also have access to, of course Limit breaks. Yuffie's Limit Break "Bloodbath" is a real damaging monster, as is Sonon's "Dance of the Dragon", in which he lashes out with his fighting staff.

I summon, Digga

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 RPG Preview (5) Source: Square Enix And what would Final Fantasy be without incantations? In episode Yuffie, for example, we can call serial veteran Ramuh to our side. The creature in the form of an old man relies on electric-based attacks and can be summoned when the summoning bar is full. Then he attacks with lightning bolts that he lets shoot down from the sky, and with his ultimate attack he creates a huge storm that inflicts massive damage on all adversaries at once.

You can do it with Shinra

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Preview of the PS5 RPG (6) Source: Square Enix If there is no fighting, Yuffie and Sonon are in contact with the Avalanche headquarters. The group that has committed itself to the fight against Shinra is less radical than Barret's group from the main game and primarily wants to free the population of Midgar from Shinra's clutches. Our direct contacts are Zhijie, who welcomes the protagonists to Midgar, ID-expert Nayo, who has a tendency to alcohol, experienced Billy Bob, and freshman Polk.

The cooperation with Wutai and thus with Yuffie and Sonon is more a marriage of convenience in the fight for the same cause - it remains to be seen whether there is still tension in the relationship.

Don't call it Tower Defense

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Preview to the PS5 role-playing game (7) Source: Square Enix A new sideline has also made it into Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. Fort Condor is a type of strategy game in which two participants try to take each other's base. The selection of the game board is important because it decides the amount of ATB, the available materia and the available units. These units are divided into the roles of Vanguard, Ranged and Defense and work according to the rock-paper-scissors principle. Last but not least, Materia can be used to trigger special attacks.

Could be good

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Preview of the PS5 RPG (10) Source: Square Enix You notice: Our preview has a lot descriptive character, because so far we could only see some gameplay and received information about the content in Episode Yuffie. We haven't been able to play or ask questions ourselves. What we got to see, however, looks promising and like a fun addition to the content. Of course, there are still numerous questions unanswered. How long does it take for the new section? How extensive are the technical adjustments in Intergrade? A graphics and a performance mode are promised, each of which allows either 4K or 60 FPS, improved textures and better lighting. In addition, a photo mode is now also on board. Are there any other relevant innovations beyond Episode Yuffie? Why is Episode Yuffie only available on PS5 for now? According to the current status, other platforms, including PS4, can only be supplied six months after the PS5 launch.

Questions and questions, many of which we have an answer to in a very short time. By the way: Owners of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake can upgrade to the PS5 version for free, but Episode Yuffie has to be purchased as DLC for around 20 euros. If you downloaded Final Fantasy 7 Remake as part of PS Plus, an upgrade is not possible. The full version of the adventure will cost around 80 euros on PS5.

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