The appointments of November 1st of the Games section of Lucca Changes

The appointments of November 1st of the Games section of Lucca Changes
The doors open for the last day of this special edition of Lucca Comics & Games, which this year is presented in the Lucca Changes edition brought entirely online and through Rai channels.

So let's see the schedule today November 1st for the Games section of this edition.

The appointments on the Games of November 1st by Lucca Changes

[11: 00] Ruolimpiadi Anthology with Vanni Santoni and Omar Lombardi

The tournament turns 25 and its future is discussed in this meeting moderated by Vanni Santoni, storyteller and role player, who was asked to write a narrative for celebrate the first quarter century of the event. Also present Omar Lombardi, as coordinator of the Ruolympics and some historical players of the tournament.

[11:00] The future of events

A debate dedicated to the future of social and cultural events, such as precisely fairs and events, which this year suffered a sudden stop due to the global pandemic. We will therefore talk about what will happen from now on in the world, especially in that of entertainment and culture. The sociologist Domenico De Masi, professor Barbara Maussier and Alfredo Accatino, moderated by Fabio Viola, will seek the answers. The deputy interior minister Vito Crimi and the festival director Emanuele Vietina will speak.

[11:00] ioGioco lounge - Welcome to ioGioco @ Lucca

Opening appointment of the ioGioco @ Lucca channel . The schedule of the day will be presented.

[11:30] Game Showcase: Orconomics, the next game by Ares Games

A game that sees orcs dealing with the economy . Players will have to decide how to use their resources to invest in orc farms. Presenting Roberto di Meglio, game designer of Ares Games

[12:00] The board wargame for Italy, on Italy and from Italy!

A round table on the recent rise of the board wargame genre, which is currently experiencing a second youth in Italy. With Sergio Schiavi (game designer, Dissimula publisher), Alessandro Lanzuisi (Ergo Ludo Editions publisher), Riccardo Masini (sector expert, author of "The paper wars 2.0" and "The game of Arianna"), Marco Scardigli (novelist) ; moderated by Riccardo Vadalà.

[13:00] LGL ​​Award Librogame Award III Edition - Teseo Tambù Trophy

In this panel the prizes will be awarded to the 4 best game books of 2020 by a selected jury . The prestigious Teseo Trophy will also be presented, which will award the best story game presented during the interactive writing contest created by Tambù

[13:00] Game Showcase: Shogun no Katana with Post Scriptum

A game that takes us to feudal Japan to create the best swords for the Daimyo and even the Shogun. Post Scriptum presents its new game, coming soon to Kickstarter, together with its creator Mario Sacchi.

[13:30] Game Showcase: What's new in Cool Mini or Not

Andrea Chiarvesio presents some of the recent news announced by CMON

[14:00] Boardgame Studio: Unstable Unicorns

Ilaria Tosi from Asmodée presents a card game in which it will be possible to create an army of unicorns to dominate the world and betray your friends.

[14:30] Game Showcase: Set & Match (Oliphante)

A tennis match, with all its emotions, reproduced in this board game. Spartaco Albertarelli shows us this new board game.

[16:00] The study of human thought through play: from rolegames to strategy games

In psychology there are two types of thought: fast thoughts and slow thoughts. The former are automatic and do not require commitment, while the latter are more deliberate and require cognitive resources. Through some examples taken from various role-playing and strategy games, it will be shown how playful activity can be an interesting case study for the scientific investigation of thought.

[17:00] Not the End - RPG session with D20Nation

In 90 minutes nuclear missiles will hit Earth. There will be two possible choices: to try to avoid the nuclear holocaust, even if our chances are minimal, or to venture into an underground maze and populate an ark with our heritage, hoping that in the future humanity will be able to repopulate the Earth again. What we will do? Umberto Spaticchia, Giuseppe Tortorella, Gabriele Leonardi, Letterio Briguglio and Claudio Pustorino, author of the role-playing game Not The End, present and live this RPG experience.

[17:15] From the World: the version of Helios

Eclectic and innovative, Helios Pu is the author of RPG that best embodies the spirit of the time: explosive communication and native transmedia are the characteristics that stand out most in this character.

[18:45] ioGioco's living room - Conclusions of the third day of ioGioco @ Lucca

The ioGioco @ Lucca channel will comment on the last day of Lucca Changes in its living room.

[ 19:00] PlayEthic, role-playing games for society

The tabletop role-playing game to make people exercise with empathy thanks to tools for reflection and growth. An experiment that between 2018 and 2020 had three dedicated days which will be reflected in this speech.

[20:00] Kaizoku Press interviews Chris Pramas and presents the editorial news

Prolific US game author Chris Pramas, author of Warhammer Fantasy RPG (II Edition), Fantasy Age and many more, will speak with Emanuele Granatello about upcoming Green Ronin / Kaizoku Press projects and the current state of the game in general. USA. To follow, Alepthar Games and Kaizoku Press present the role-playing game on robots inspired by the works of Go Nagai.

[22:00] Serpentarioum Live: let's play together with the monstrous domains

A demonstration dedicated to a new "tournament" adventure of the role-playing game L'Ultima Torcia.

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