Lucca Changes: all Sergio Bonelli Editore announcements

Lucca Changes: all Sergio Bonelli Editore announcements
In the late afternoon yesterday Sergio Bonelli Editore held a two-hour conference in Lucca Changes subtitled "A Look at the Future - Editorial and Multimedia News" in which the Milanese publisher presented all the most important editorial news that we will see on shelves starting from the first months of 2021 linked to the characters of the historic publishing house that celebrates its first 80 years. Moderator of the conference was Michele Masiero assisted by numerous guests.

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The announcements include the return of two historical series by Sergio Bonelli Editore, Nick Raider and Magico Vento and an announcement concerning the crossover Flash / Zagor.

The announcements Sergio Bonelli Editore in Lucca Changes

We start with two very welcome returns:

Nick Raider - will return with a miniseries scheduled for autumn 2021 scripted by its creator Claudio Nizzi. A taste will already be in the register scheduled for the Free Comic Book Day in December 2020! Nick Raider - Five Cases for the Homicide Squad is available for online purchase

Magico Vento - will return with a three-issue miniseries, details not revealed. Magico Vento - The War of the Black Hills is available for online purchase

The 80th anniversary of Sergio Bonelli Editore:

The history of Audace and SBE will be retraced with two books that will be released at the beginning of 2021 Tex:

in 2021 a color story by Enrique Breccia will be re-proposed in the Valley of Terror by Enrique Breccia the Texone by Giampiero Casertano will be published in French hardback the next Tex Magazine will star Jim Brandon Tex - The inexorable by Mauro Boselli and Claudio Villa is available for online purchase

Magnus 'The Unknown:

A new full edition of the classic stories Magnus' The Unknown is planned to be purchased online

Martin Mystère:

we will have to wait until June for a novelty that “will unite the old Martin with the new Martin”. Martin Mystère - Fuori Tempo is available for purchase online


Senzanima: another three volumes in the works the regular series will be reprinted in large volumes in chronological order Kraken's Hunters will come re-proposed in bookshops in 4 paperback volumes Kraken's Hunters is available for purchase online

Nathan Never:

numerous initiatives are underway for the character's thirtieth anniversary which will take place in 2021 I am Nathan Never is available for online purchase

Dylan Dog:

Confirms the reprint of Il Pianeta dei Morti in hardback bookstore volume New reissue for Gli Orrori di Altroquando by Tiziano Sclavi and Attilio Micheluzzi in a new format and with a new graphic design. The volume will inaugurate a new series of author's "graphic novels". The Tales of Tomorrow Volume 3 will be drawn by Giorgio Pontrelli The Tales of Tomorrow Volume 1 is available for purchase online


numerous initiatives are underway for the sixty years of the character that will take place right in 2021: the celebratory issue will be released in June. It will be a self-contained story written by Moreno Burattini with drawings by Marco Verni. The striped series will have a third season consisting of eight issues The cover of Flash / Zagor to be released in December will be designed by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Audace Line:

Sottosopra will end with the third volume Orfani - Terra will be re-proposed in a volume still in progress Nero by the Mammucari Sottosopra brothers Volume 1 is available for online purchase

Sergio Bonelli Editore and CMON Edizioni:

collaboration between SBE and the publishing house of board games for the creation of comics related to the most famous titles. The first comic will be inspired by Invader and will be written by Stefano Vietti and drawn by Giancarlo Olivares. Expected release in early 2021. Visit the exclusive Amazon store of Lucca Changes with products already available and many in pre-order.

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