Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition | Review

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition | Review
The fifth canonical chapter of Dante's adventures was one of the children born of that renewed rise that Capcom began in 2017 with the seventh iteration of Resident Evil. Deleting with a stroke of the sponge the reboot commissioned to the talented Ninja Theory, excessively infamous by a fanbase not inclined to radical changes, the fifth Devil May Cry was going to touch the nostalgic chords of the fans, taking up the stylistic exasperation of the third title and expanding beyond measures the possibilities offered by the combat system by inserting three playable characters with as many different play styles. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, however, goes further and, following the script of the extended editions released for each chapter a couple of years after their original release, it presents itself in great shape on the next generation consoles, with a new horde mode, an increased game speed, inclusion of ray tracing, 4K, the possibility of reaching 120 fps and, above all, Vergil.

The return of the sons of Sparda

For those of you who do not have got to play Devil May Cry 5 again, the demonic tree Qliphoth has taken root in the city of Red Grave but the events of the game got in motion before this disturbing presence, when a hooded stranger snatched the Devil from Nero Bringer who, we remember, had absorbed the sword Yamato at the end of Devil May Cry 4. Moved by the desire for revenge, Nero reaches Dante in the heart of Qliphoth: the legendary demon hunter has been hired by the mysterious V to recover if something inside the tree, but the demon that awaits them is beyond their imagination. Wounded and with the Rebellion shattered, Dante, Lady and Trish are lost track, while Nero manages to escape. The burden, therefore, falls on him to defeat the king of demons and preserve what remains of Red Grave, aided by V whose aims remain inscrutable.

While introducing an additional character to the roster, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition does not change any narrative aspect seen in the original title. The plot told does not shine for originality, leaving an exasperated fanservice the task of entertaining the player. The addition of Vergil, although important in purely playful terms, does not offer a real variation to the plot, limiting itself to reworking some cutscenes to insert, in a similar way to what was seen with the Special Editions of the third and fourth chapter, in totality of the main story missions. However, there is no doubt that the series has never shone for complex and layered narratives, leaving the arduous task of supporting the brand to the "style and situations bordering on trash". However, the vision offered by Itsuno for the Dante of this chapter remains very pleasant: a character with persistent bravado but blunt at the corners. A warrior crushed by a life that has not granted him any discount, never tame yet at the same time tired, intent on putting an end to a war that has lasted too long.

Guns, robotic embers and Yamato

The combat system of Devil May cry 5 Special Edition obviously proposes the splendid work offered by the original title. The three main characters offer different play styles that blend perfectly with the level design solutions proposed by the developers, ensuring, at least in the first half of the adventure, a truly convincing variety of situations. Nero, with the removal of the Devil Bringer and the implementation of the interchangeable arms Devil Breaker, offers a hybrid and experimental gameplay, able to mix ranged attacks, close offensives and offer a less complex but damn fun style of play. Dante, with his four styles and the different weapons available, conquers the undisputed position of master of combat and a consequent stratification to be explored, before being able to master it to the fullest, and really start having fun.

V, on the other hand, is the strategic element of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. An unprecedented and surprising vision, which adds the diversity necessary to wisely vary the balance of the game. A professed demon hunter but lacking his own fighting ability, this mysterious summoner relies on three demons to do the dirty work for him. Shadow and Griffon always act in pairs, each is given a specific button for the attack, and they enjoy a series of skills that once unlocked, and combined together, make them unstoppable, even if you have to find the right synergy for the damage inflicted are sensitive and continuous. However, in addition to being the only offensive means for V, they are also his only defense and as such must be safeguarded: being demons does not prevent them from being knocked out and should this happen, we can only wait for their recovery avoiding the offensives opposing ours. best.

Vergil, finally, is the classic breakout character who, again, is inserted into all levels of the main story with his lethal mix of short, medium and long range attacks. Dante's brother is a real fury, able to completely break the game balance and the fact that he was introduced in levels made around the characteristics of some specific characters, does not help to balance the game experience when deciding to use it. The Vergil introduced in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition has a varied and respectable moveset. Dante's brother, in fact, will be equipped with the famous Yamato, the canonical bullets generated by the latter and the ability to quickly move to the play area by simply pressing a button. The Devil Trigger will allow you to summon a demon that can also act as a minion, going to attack adjacent enemies and emulating the deeds of Vergil. Finally, once the Sin Devil Trigger has been loaded, Vergil's real strength can be unleashed, as well as summoning V to heal us and damage area.

Vergil ... I want you

For whom did not want to buy Devil May Cry Special Edition, because he has already enjoyed abundantly the original version of the title, the character of Vergil will be made available during December at a price of € 4.99 in the form of a downloadable DLC.

What's New in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Besides Vergil, what does Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition add to the original experience? Not very much in reality, although the new features, combined with graphic improvements and excellent value for money, make it the best version of the title currently on the market. In the purely playful field, the Turbo mode and a new gaming experience called The Mythical Dark Knight are introduced. The first increases game speed by 120% and makes the action more frenetic, forcing the player to rethink multiple aspects of their fighting style to accommodate the reduced reaction windows of this mode.

The mode The Mythical Dark Knight, on the other hand, seemed to us more of a "goliardata", compared to a serious introduction. A sort of technical demo that shows, in a disengaged playful environment, what can be achieved with the new generation consoles. In practice, once this peculiar mode is activated, the screen will be constantly invaded by plethora of demons inserted in an apparently random way. All this will generate situations between the surreal and the hilarious, where it will be difficult to identify where our character will be, dominated by dozens and dozens of creatures that will invade every corner of the screen. Obviously, everything turns out to be totally unbalanced in terms of gaming experience and it is really difficult to promote this peculiar mode of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

Speaking, instead, of the technical / graphic changes introduced in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, one can only begin to analyze the insertion of Ray Tracing and the possibility of unlocking the Frame Rate of the title until it reaches 120 FPS. In reality, the menu introduced by Capcom is not very clear and relies on simple options such as: Ray Tracing Yes / No and High Frame Rate Yes / No. These two items, combined in different ways, can give life to the following configurations:

4K with Active Ray Tracing / 30 FPS 4K without Ray Tracing / 60 FPS Variable resolution starting from 1080p / 120 FPS After doing some short comparative with the version released in 2019, we can safely tell you that, subjectively, we find the 4K / 60FPS solution the best of the trio. The reasons are very simple: Ray Tracing offers an undoubtedly fascinating glance but which soon loses its interest due to a frenzy of action, and a redundancy of the settings, which apart from some "WOW effect" in sporadic adventure points does not justify a frame rate anchored to 30 FPS.

To complete the package, proposed by Capcom for the launch of PS5 and X>box Series X, we finally find some balances to the Palace of Blood mode and the inclusion of all DLCs made available to date. Devil May Cry 5 is, ultimately, an edition that certainly deserves to be played by anyone who has never tried the original title while it is, moreover, a simple title to test the new hardware for those users who have already stripped the version released in 2019. Undoubtedly, however, we are facing a complete, performing edition capable of guaranteeing hours and hours of absolute, and visceral, fun.

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