Demon's Souls: how to face and defeat the Knight of the Tower

Demon's Souls: how to face and defeat the Knight of the Tower
Giant Demons are typical bosses of the Souls series, and they are undoubtedly terrifying. But even worse are the ones completely covered in plate armor and a huge impenetrable shield. But they all have a weak point: let's see how to beat the Knight of the Tower.

After facing Falange and getting rid of the archers at the end of the path, you will find a door of fog that will lead you to the boss-fight with the Knight of the Tower. A short introductory video will show you the imposing demon and his allies, a series of archers stationed in the battlements of the arena. Before you go after your main enemy, be sure to take them out as they could make the fight much more difficult. Fortunately, they are in sheltered spots that allow you to avoid the Knight's ranged attacks. Only two of the archers are on the two front stairways; here you will be more exposed to the boss's magic bullets, so kill them quickly and stay on the move.

Once all 8 shooters are gone, you can choose which method to use to face and defeat the armored giant, if at a distance or in close combat.

Keeping your distance

If you have spells, bows or crossbows at your disposal, you can keep your distance and hit the knight from afar. In this case, the first thing to do is to take a position on one of the balconies that allows you to fire but also to remain in cover or otherwise easily dodge incoming bullets. This is very important since to injure the boss with a spell or a dart you will have to fire when he is about to throw his bullet at you: you will notice that, to charge the shot, he will move the shield to the side, exposing himself for a few seconds.

The balconies at the back of the arena should be safe and safe from the demon's magical bullets, although you will have to walk up and down for a while before you find a spot where some wall doesn't block yours attacks. Alternatively, you could position yourself in the stands where the archers stood to be closer to the target; be careful though, because you will be more vulnerable.

Try to aim for the Knight's head. If you have difficulty landing the strike, you can also aim for his ankles until he falls to the ground. Repeat the cycle at least a couple of times, without forgetting to heal yourself, and in the end you can declare yourself the proud possessors of a new Iron Demon Soul.

In close combat

Get ready to roll and dodge attacks in Demon's Souls, because you'll need a lot of dodging if you face the Knight up close. This boss can be a real nuisance if you can't get around him quickly. His slash with his spear causes massive damage, plus it will knock you down for a long time. Fortunately, if you fail to dodge it, you should be able to get up in time to avoid the second attack.

Also in this strategy it is necessary to get rid of the archers. Make sure you finish them, as they may happen to survive a possible fall, ending up in the arena with the Knight and forcing you to dodge both his attacks and theirs. A heavy attack followed by a light one should be enough to eliminate them on the spot.

When there are no more archers to deal with, you can face the metal colossus head down. The goal is to roll behind him, or at the limit next to his legs. The Knight will attack you in three ways when you are in that position: he will try to crush you with his foot (easily avoidable with a roll), he will jump backwards to get away and finally he will use an area attack that is easy to predict but really dangerous for your health points . If you see that the Knight is raising his shield, it means that he is preparing for this devastating attack: crashing the shield to the ground will cause a wave of blue energy all around him from which you must try to get away quickly.

Avoid these attacks and in the meantime keep hitting him in the ankles. Sooner or later his armor will start to crack and he will fall to the ground. Get away if you don't want to be crushed! Once on the ground, focus your best attacks on the boss's head. It will take two or three of these cycles to eliminate him permanently.

In summary, here's how to defeat the Knight of the Tower:

Eliminate the archers. There are 8 archers in all to be eliminated. 6 are located on the sides of the arena while 2 are on the steps leading to the side balconies. Hit the ankles. Whether you are attacking at a distance or close up, you will have to repeatedly hit the Knight's armored ankles to make him fall. Attack the head. When the Knight is on the ground, aim for the head using your strongest attacks. It should take two or three cycles to definitely get the better of this boss. At the end of the fight you will be rewarded with a precious Iron Demon Soul, a consumable that will prove very useful. Have you already opened the secret door in Demon's Souls?

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