SSC Tuatara record in doubt: all to be redone

SSC Tuatara record in doubt: all to be redone
A few days ago we talked about the new record obtained by SSC Tuatara, after reaching the incredible speed of 532.7 km / h. Well, it would seem that for the US car and its driver everything is being redone due to some unclear "elements" that would have cast doubt on the record. So, at least for the moment, the SSC Tuatara cannot be considered the fastest car in the world.

Until the supercar produced by SSC North America took over, the record was set by the Bugatti Chiron in 2018 (and which therefore still holds) which on that occasion had reached a speed of 482.8 km / h. While, a year earlier, the Koenigsegg Agera RS had instead reached 447.2 km / h. Well, all these results obtained during the past years have been measured without any problem, which did not happen with the SSC Tuatara.

Precisely for this reason some doubts, and as many controversies, have arisen regarding the new record of the hypercar and everything would be due to the GPS speed measurement system, which may not be 100% correct. Some very attentive enthusiasts would have noticed some inconsistencies with respect to the time taken and the route traveled by the SSC Tuatara.

Obviously the founder of the US car manufacturer, Jerod Shelby, did not lose heart and immediately announced that in the "near future" the supercar will take to the track again to demonstrate to the motoring world that the SSC Tuatara is the fastest in the world. This time, different GPS systems will be used in order to once again avoid problems that could cast doubt on the hypothetical new record.

For the moment, it is not clear whether the driver Oliver Web b will be driving the SSC Tuatara this time, nor has the date on which the new test will take place been announced. Shelbey, certain that the hypercar can reach a new record speed, has invited all fans to be present "at the event" when the Tuatara takes to the track once again to try to officially establish itself on the Bugatti.

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