YouTube-dl check again on GitHub, users risk being banned

YouTube-dl check again on GitHub, users risk being banned
Apparently the removal of YouTube-dl from GitHub has not been very well received by users of the platform, so much so that several users have reloaded the source file of the application, even in a rather creative way.

In the case not you were aware of the situation, here is a small summary. On October 23rd, GitHub removed the repositories with the source file of the popular YouTube-dl tool which, as the name implies, allowed you to download videos from the famous video streaming portal. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has requested its removal for copyright infringement.

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This decision was a bit controversial , since the application itself did not contain any copyrighted material or source code, but it did allow you to download any copyrighted material.

Following the events of the last few days, GitHub has decided to modify the DMCA file, which now has the following wording:

Please be aware that reposting the exact same content that has been the subject of a takedown notice without following the proper procedure (described below) is a violation of the GitHub DMCA Rules and Terms of Service. If you engage or post content in this repository that violates our Terms of Service, we will delete that content and may even suspend access to your account.

Since activists, journalists, and educational institutions commonly use YouTube-dl To archive free and public domain videos, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman actively sought to help restore the repository, eventually accessing the YouTube-dl IRC channel to offer suggestions on reintegrating the software.

For the moment we just have to wait for further developments on the story and see if YouTube-dl can somehow return to the platform.

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