Bloodborne Remastered - What We Want In ...

Bloodborne Remastered - What We Want In ...
Bloodborne is considered one of the best titles signed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, and it is therefore normal to see so many positive reactions to every news that in some way may concern his sequel, or, as happened in recent days, a possible remastered edition, if not really a remake. All the more so after the huge success of Demon's Souls du PlayStation 5.

The idea of ​​being able to explore the fascinating Lovecraftian scenarios of the game again, and to fight the terrible creatures that populate them with a more graphic design detailed and perhaps better gameplay optimization, plus some new content, rightly whets the appetites of millions of fans. We, in the hope of being able to see something official announced as soon as possible, tried to imagine how a possible remastered-remake of the title could be, putting together some ideas and other material.

Expanding the adventure

Since we are already expecting the improvements to the technical sector, given the platform on which the game could see the light, in these lines we will focus more on those structural or gameplay aspects that in our opinion should be fixed to restore all users a more complete and better usable title. Among other things, the weaknesses of the original game are well known among fans (and at this point certainly also among developers) and therefore we think that From Software could really make its creature perfect.

Eliminated phenomena of interpenetration and long loading times, we would keep the combat system intact, at the most by revising a little the management and usefulness of the armor, which in the original does not offer great protection and does not provide substantial tactical variations to the clashes. Rather we would work, and a lot, to make the adventure longer, adding new quests, new enemies and some new areas to explore: after all, the corrupt and cursed neighborhoods of Yharnam still have a lot to tell.

In this sense, we expect greater attention to history and background, to be discovered as always step by step by analyzing the surrounding environment and the objects recovered. A bond, the latter, to be developed during the adventure, to secrete details of the life of the characters, the places they visit and the facts, in a distillation of information that requires a lot of attention and a lot of passion for their research and discovery. .

Rethinking the New Game Plus

In the same way we hope we can have a renewal of the New Game Plus, along the lines of what happened in Dark Souls II: once you have started playing again after having completed the game for the first time, you would find new objects with new descriptions, new spells and miracles and enemies, especially bosses, with different strategies and movements. In addition, their arrangement on the map may also vary, as well as that of some key objects.

Retouching also for the Labyrinths of the Chalice, one of the most interesting "surrounding" elements of the original, but also the one probably least used properly. For those unfamiliar with the game, this is a section parallel to the "classic" gaming experience, where the user finds himself busy overcoming levels with a more or less complex structure. These are initially non-procedural, but after you have your hands on their origin goblets and perform a ritual, they can form into entirely random and unique dungeons, starting at the end of each second level.

Unfortunately, however, they tend to be a photocopy of each other, at least after the last Pthumerian, and therefore do not offer many stimuli to be addressed. A real shame, also because in addition to guaranteeing a variant to the basic adventure, they were used to collect the precious Echoes of the Blood. For this reason we would like them to be recalibrated and, in addition to being truly procedural, offer a more diversified level design, with new enemies, treasures and rewards to make their exploration more and more attractive. In addition, we would add some unreleased goblets, to expand the game offer.

Recalibrate online

As with all games in the "Souls" genre, Bloodborne also has a fairly cryptic online system that must be understood perfectly to be exploited to the full. There are several bells that allow you to have interactions with other players and none of this is available immediately. In addition there is a password system that allows, netcode permitting, to play with a desired player, as long as they both set the same password in the game's network menu.

Well, we would like to see implemented a series of new options for the competitive and the cooperative, with an ad hoc matchmaking that, thanks to a series of complex algorithms, can make user research even more accurate, based on elements which skills, technical parameters of the character and the level of difficulty with which they achieved everything. We could also think of making a whole series of modifiers available for players to use, if desired, to generate always different and complicated challenges with friends. Obviously all while respecting the rules and systems of the various bells.

In addition to those present in the original game, in a possible remastered or remake edition we would also like to find material taken from the DLC, such as the Old Hunter's Bell, which was used to invoke ancient members of the order in the form of characters controlled by artificial intelligence in the vicinity of the various bosses. Furthermore we would like to have more weapons, in order to diversify and enrich the character's equipment with very different tools and sometimes completely different from the original set. In this way the users could prepare new strategic approaches during the fighting.

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