Twitch, Hafu told a disturbing story about his esports beginnings

Twitch, Hafu told a disturbing story about his esports beginnings

Hafu Streamer

Twitch streamer and champion of various esports, Rumay "Hafu" Wang told a decidedly disturbing story about her beginnings, during a live held on September 25, 2020, which shows in a plastic way the difficulties many women have had to fit into this environment .

First of all, Hafu began by responding to some criticisms that have been addressed to her about her skill at Among Us, the game of the moment: "For people it is increasingly difficult to attack me because I have become good at many games . I mean, Among Us is not a good example, because in my opinion it cannot be objectively said that anyone is strong at Among Us. "

The talk continued with a hint of his victories in PogChamps 2, so Hafu recounted a disturbing incident from her time as a World of Warcraft champion: "When I was seventeen, I was a pro WoW player. On the official tournament realm of Blizzard, found a team called at Regionals we will rape Hafu (Gonna Rape Hafu at Regionals in original) ".

To which the Twitch chat reacted incredulously, but Hafu added that even that team officially qualified:" That was the attitude of the gaming community at the time. Fortunately, a lot has changed over the past decade. "

In recent years, many companies have implemented policies to ensure greater inclusiveness in their games, including Blizzard. We hope that such facts will remain forever linked to the anecdotal of the past.

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