LG, Velvet and doubles (free)

LG, Velvet and doubles (free)
LG has launched an important promotional campaign for the award-winning Velvet smartphone, a concept that has attracted a lot of curiosity around a brand that has been producing high-quality devices for years, without however ever being able to break through as far as the specifications might have deserved. The offer started a few hours ago and will end on October 15th (October 10th if you buy on Amazon): anyone who buys an LG Velvet 5G smartphone has the opportunity to get an additional screen and a protective cover for free.

LG Velvet, an additional screen as a gift

The additional screen is an exclusive to LG, which for a couple of years has been making this opportunity available to its users: it is a real extension of the smartphone with which the display in use is doubled: a clip-on cover called "LG Dual Screen", in fact, adds an additional 6.8-inch OLED display to the original Velvet: this allows you to use two apps simultaneously, or to use the displays in a different way on the same video game, or else to use your smartphone while watching a streaming video.

LG Velvet

The possibilities are many and they are the ones on which you are looking for ideas for current smartphones folding or for the future Surface Duo. However, all this is already available today thanks to LG and, above all, thanks to a special offer that makes it completely easy to access this opportunity.

The promotion is a unique opportunity to discover LG Velvet, the smartphone that makes elegance and manageability its distinctive feature: thanks to the cameras housed flush under the glass, the symmetrical design, the curved glass front and back and a thickness of only 7.9mm for only 180g of weight, it is a smartphone to be touched.

To get the additional screen as a gift, simply buy an LG Velvet (here for 484.9 euros ), then register the received unit on the dedicated site. After registration, all that remains is to wait for the arrival of the additional display and double your Velvet with a simple coupling. Attention: the additional screen has a value of 249.9 euros, which well explains why for a few weeks this will be an offer of great interest to anyone. Whether the smartphone is used for play or for work, as a communication tool or as a streaming channel to follow your favorite team, a second display multiplies the experience and transforms the smartphone into a small tablet.

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