A page for WhatsApp vulnerabilities

A page for WhatsApp vulnerabilities
In the name of transparency, Facebook will keep a web page updated (link at the bottom of the article) in which all the vulnerabilities found in WhatsApp will be listed. There you will find in-depth information on security holes and patches released for their resolution.

WhatsApp: a page with vulnerabilities and fixes

Although Play Store and App Store already publish the changelogs of the updates, the Android and iOS platforms do not provide too many details on the nature of the updates, limiting themselves mostly to mentioning "security fixes". This, according to the software house, is due to some limitations imposed by the store policies. The page that is about to go online will instead contain a description of the bug and, if available, the CVE identifier to which the community of researchers refers to trace the appearance of any exploits or to help remedy them.

The Facebook's stated goal is to raise awareness among users on the subject, pushing them to keep the application constantly updated to the latest version available so as to be able to protect themselves from any possible problem.

We are deeply committed to transparency and this resource is intended to help the entire tech community benefit from our latest security advancements. We recommend all users to keep WhatsApp up to date in application stores and to update their mobile operating systems as soon as possible.
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