155 Italians reported positive on Immuni

155 Italians reported positive on Immuni
For the first time there are significant numbers on the impact that Immuni has had so far on the strategies for containing the contagion in Italy. The history of the app is now well known as it has been an element of public debate (perhaps too much?) For months. In all this discussion, however, an undeniably interesting perspective has probably been lost sight of: for the first time in Italy (and in the world) a smartphone application is available that can produce important results in terms of containing infections.

155 positives, over 1800 notifications

How many times has the Immuni app been downloaded? This is the only question that has been repeated up to now, also and above all in the light of different data never disclosed up to now (on several occasions our editorial team has requested it to the Ministry of Health, without having never received any feedback). br>

Today, at 5.4 million downloads received (if all installations were successful, which is presumably unrealistic, even in light of the problems experienced on Huawei devices), it would mean having reached just under 15% of the entire Italian population equipped with smartphones. But this is only a numerical basis: it is the basin on which Immuni is able to act by tracing the networks and sending risk notifications.

What has Immuni actually produced so far? The data was released by Sole24Ore:
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