With videogame tourism, the holiday doubles - article

With videogame tourism, the holiday doubles - article
I know a person who collects gastronomic experiences and goes to taste certain foods and wines in the places that bear their name: he prides himself on having eaten the Altamura bread in Altamura, the caprese on Capri, having drunk champagne in champagne.

That person made me think of a fashion these days, which consists in playing video games in the places where they are set. It seems that it is currently the maximum aspiration of true enthusiasts, who seek to maximize the experience of game tourism, videogame tourism.

Before the two experiences were separate: calmly, at home, you played, and the destinations of the next vacation were discovered, documenting themselves on the guides, between one level and another: they explored Iceland in Tomb Raider rather than Panama and Indonesia in Uncharted, and then, after the game was over, they planned their stay in beloved places on the monitor and luggage was being prepared.

Today the discussion has changed: we equip ourselves to play again, but on the spot, bringing the computer with us, thus creating a sort of augmented experience, reliving the virtual adventure in real places, mixing perfumes , the lights, the flavors of the real environment to the storytelling of the location recreated in the game. It is an experience that gives life to a hybrid and original tourism, the new frontier of game tourism, a practice that has been raging for years.

With its dreamlike landscapes, Ghost of Tsushima immediately jumped to the top places in the top ten of videogame travelers. The opportunities to experience these double holidays, very real and a little virtual, are not lacking. Although at the moment, due to the restrictions due to the pandemic, it is necessary to postpone the departure to various fascinating places discovered thanks to video games. In the meantime, however, the settings can be studied well, preparing to see the places in real life.

just Released and already the first places in the top ten of the travellers game is Ghost of Tsushima, one of those games where the storytelling uses greatly of the story of the landscape, the co-protagonist of the adventure. In this saga set at the turn of the THIRTEENTH century, the alter ego of the player is Jin Sakai, the last samurai of the japanese island of Tsushima, which is located to face the fury of the soldiers of the mongol army.

Ghost of Tsushima is a game for real travelers: in this "open world" in fact, you can go where you want, without having to follow pre-established schemes, moving along free trails, enjoying the environments, which are beautiful. In the course of the adventure you will recognize the temple Bansho-in, with the stone staircase, the shrine of Watatsumi and Mount Ariake, where the vegetation creates fabulous color contrasts.

The same taste to visit the places between a challenge and the other makes this a unique gaming experience in Assassin's Creed, where you can explore at will, as it happened already more than twenty years ago in the adventure of worship such as Myst and Riven, with their landscapes of de chirico's. Or even Shenmue, another classic, released in 2000, which gave a strong boost to the games that rely on location.

Thanks to Shenmue, in 2017 the Yokosuka Action Committee for the Promotion has posted the Shenmue Sacred Spot Guides, a map with the main sights of the videogame Shenmue is set in the japanese city of Yokosuka, which is described with great care in the various sequences, and choosing the large community of players as a tourist destination. The results have arrived on time: the data of tourism have exhibited a soaring and in 2017 the Yokosuka Action Committee for the Promotion has posted the Shenmue Sacred Spot Guides, a map with the main places of the game.

the same is true for Assassin's Creed 2, which has helped to intensify the tourism of young people in Italy. The game takes place in some of the most scenic and famous of Italy, such as Venice, Florence and Rome, but also in the villages to discover, such as Monteriggioni, near Siena, in 2010, a year after the release of Assassin's Creed 2, has registered a considerable increase of tourists .

But what are the places most appreciated by travellers of the virtual that, after having made a vacation to game, book that true?

Often the first Cambodia Tomb Raider, visited with a guide of exception as Lara Croft, followed by the landscapes of Montana to Far Cry 5. Among the other most popular locations are also the Seattle, view Infamous: Second Son, the Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs attracted with its neon lights and karaoke clubs, the Boston postapocalittica of Fallout 4, and San Francisco's Watch Dogs 2.

Italy is well represented and not only to Monteriggioni: the Amalfi Coast, for example, is the background to Uncharted 4. In any case, there is only the embarrassment of choice between the exotic, travel green and the contemporary spirit of the metropolis. There are those who can't wait to wander through the streets of Kathmandu have already been impacted in Uncharted 2, and who is ready to spend a day on the various lines of the Moscow metro, already experienced in Metro 2033.

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of Course Italy is well represented: in addition to the location of the renaissance from Assassin's Creed, deserve a mezione the Amalfi Coast, which is the background to Uncharted 4, the city of Altissia of Final Fantasy XV, reminiscent of Venice, and Milan, with the Sforzesco Castle, in Rainbow Six 3. To enhance the Italian territory aiming at the great potential of the tourism and gaming has been created in the Italian Videogame Program (IVIPRO), a project which aims to identify the most suitable locations for the games, and to foster dialogue between sviuluppatori and institutions.

Even the Lonely Planet has given space to the tendency of the Game Tourism, and in the guide "Plan├Ęte Geek" devotes a chapter to the big outdoors of video games, where to include seven locations imprescindibil, including the ghost town Call of Duty and the Broken Bridge in Liberty City, one of the landmarks of Grand Theft Auto IV, change video game on the theme of the Brooklyn bridge in New York City.

at The end, it may also happen that you will feel the need of a break and want to choose a destination in the completely imaginary. No problem: video games and virtual worlds offer a wide choice. For example, in Second Life you can visit Moya Land, a place of invention created by the French artist Patrick Moya, described in a printed guide, 54 pages.

And then, there are the great classics of video games: places immortal like Rapture of Bioshock, City 17 of Half Life 2, The Citadel of Mass Effect, places the novel that can still rely on tourism for true connoisseurs and which are not yet included in the catalogues of tour operators.

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