The UK on Bill Gates' COVID-19 vaccines

The UK on Bill Gates' COVID-19 vaccines
The UK plans to reach out to at least 90 million coronavirus vaccines. This is what was officially announced today, citing among others an agreement reached with the German BioNTech and the American Pfizer who in March joined forces with the common goal of developing a treatment for COVID-19. The latter is one of the realities that have received funding from Bill Gates to support the development of an effective drug in the prevention of contagion.

UK, agreements on vaccines for coronavirus

Others 60 million doses will be provided to UK public health by the French Valneva. The London authorities have included a clause in the contract with the company to purchase an additional 40 million if it proves to be "safe, effective and appropriate".

The picture is completed with another million treatments provided by AstraZeneca, a half British and half Swedish pharmaceutical company, intended for patients with immune system problems or diseases that cannot receive the administration of a more traditional vaccine. The same company has put in place AZD1222, a vaccine also in this case economically supported by the foundation of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda with a loan quantified in 750 million dollars: 100 of the 300 million units that are estimated to be packaged will eventually be destined to the United Kingdom.

Now you must face the delicate phase of the clinical trial to collect information that can confirm or deny the validity of what emerged from the research here conducted. The appeal UK is aimed to find the 500,000 volunteers by October, to recruit through a website designed specifically for online from the National Health Service.

Source: Gov. UK

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