The Azure cloud for Minecraft: goodbye AWS

The Azure cloud for Minecraft: goodbye AWS
Since 2014, the developer of Minecraft has entrusted the management of information and content related to the title to Amazon AWS data centers, but things are about to change: Microsoft, which just six years ago purchased it from Mojang Studios (for a figure $ 2.5 billion) will complete the move to Azure cloud infrastructure within the next few months.

Microsoft moves Micecraft blocks to Azure

An almost inevitable transition. To date, approximately 126 million accounts are active on a monthly basis, making Minecraft one of the most popular games on the planet. A fraction of these have an active subscription to Realms, a subscription formula of 7.99 euros per month that provides access to additional content and methods. The short statement by a Redmond group spokesperson on CNBC pages follows in translated form.

Mojang Studios has used AWS in the past, but in recent years we have migrated all cloud services to Azure. The transition will be completed by the end of 2020.

Defining Minecraft as a "game" is at least an understatement today: 11 years after its launch, it is also an instrument used in the educational sphere, intended for the class to stimulate creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills within an immersive environment.

Source: CNBC

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