League of Legends: a trailer presents the LoL Esports brand

League of Legends: a trailer presents the LoL Esports brand
Through a trailer, Riot Games presented a new brand linked to League of Legends: LoL Esports. LoL Esports will be the voice and platform of world competitions and the greatest sports entertainment experience for fans around the world. ‌

"Our goal is to bring joy to the billions of LoL esports fans around the world," said John Needham, global eSports chief at Riot Games. "It all stems from the creation of a thriving eSport ecosystem supported by exciting competitions, sustainable growth, cutting-edge technology, intense entertainment and attention to integrity for sport and for our teams. Now all this will live within LoL Esports, from the exciting challenges in the regional leagues that keep millions of people glued to the screens to the emblematic moment when the champions lift the World Cup trophy. "

As League of Legends enters its second decade of life , the new LoL Esports brand will embody the values ​​that aim to reinforce the game concept as a significant life goal, and will make its debut with a new logo and new graphics inspired by the summons' Landa aesthetic.

Since its launch in 2010, League of Legends has become the most popular eSport globally, reaching an unbeaten record of 21.8 million viewers per minute (AMA) on average during the final of the 2019 World Championship. This sport has grown to become a leader in the sector, with hundreds of professional players competing in 12 regional leagues around the world, developing a robust ecosystem that includes experimental and academic leagues, as well as a commitment digital innovation that redefines the experience of sport itself.

During the years leading up to the Summer Split 2020 , currently in progress, the regional leagues have seen a noticeable increase in interest and an increase in the online audience, as evidenced by the average of spectators per minute. A recent report from Stream Hatchet, the team of experienced analysts, streaming video games group Engine Medium/Torque Esports, reveals an increase of 129% of the LOVE between the four leagues more to the esports of League of Legend, or LPL (China), LCK (south Korea), LEC (Europe) and LCS (North America), on Twitch and on YouTube, a testimony of the positive trend among the fans of esports League of Legends all over the world.

starting this week, LoL Esports will begin to provide more entertainment experiences through its digital channel dedicated LoLEsports.com in addition to the three new series of videos that analyze the competition and global, from different points of view. Through these features (described below), fans will enjoy unprecedented coverage of the esports of League of Legends, which involves the highest levels of play between the 12 regional leagues and global events.

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