Great DC Events: Invasion! (1989)

Great DC Events: Invasion! (1989)
1988 was certainly a particular year in the DC house which actually published two events simultaneously. The excellent, self-contained and authorial Cosmic Odyssey and Millenium which in the authors' intentions should have led to a revival of the cosmic side of the DC Universe not yet fully renewed, unlike the urban and espionage one or more classically superheroic, after the zeroing and the complete relaunch facilitated by Crisis on the Infinite Lands.

In 1989, with the renewed Universe DC that had taken on a well-defined and concrete identity, see the Legends event, the management tried to satisfy the need to put the cosmic events at the center of readers' attention again this time involving the whole DC Universe and grafting into the furrow of the continuity that would have been willy-nilly modified.

This is how Invasion was born! which, for structure and intentions, resumed the formula "blockbuster" with a main miniseries - 3 issues of 80 pages each - and a myriad of tie-in books, about 30 in total, among the various regular series then published that were so involved in the narration and with them practically every corner of the DC Universe

Invasion! it will be released between January and March 1989 and will be coordinated by the already veteran Keith Giffen who will provide plots and layouts while Bill Mantlo - exiled Marvel after working on ROM, Micronauts, Hulk and co-created Rocket Rackoon - will write the script. On the other hand, there are Bart Sears and a very young Todd McFarlane besides Giffen.

Leave the dreamlike and lysergic atmospheres of the science fiction of the 70s, Giffen structure Invasion! as a space opera, also strong of its experience alongside Paul Levitz on The Legion of Super-heroes, and in which intrigue, action and twists would have acted as a flywheel to a choral and spectacular saga.

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