Fastweb Mobile changes network: from TIM to WindTre, how to check the transition

Fastweb Mobile changes network: from TIM to WindTre, how to check the transition
Fastweb Mobile has long since closed agreements with WindTre to bring its customers from the TIM Mobile network to that of the two Chinese giants now merged into a single operator.

Since the beginning of the year the company - which it is gaining more and more customers - it has already started work to continue the migration but, at the moment, there are still many customers under the TIM network.

We know that WindTre has already welcomed many Fastweb customers but, through the official document you see, we realize that times are getting longer. The company has put in black and white that the process has started but its end is unknown. Despite this migration, it has also been confirmed that 5G services will be made available in larger cities from the second half of 2020 onwards. It goes without saying that the network they will rely on will be directly WindTre.

If you are a Fastweb Mobile customer and you are wondering how you can check whether your current coverage is TIM or WindTre, you can go to your connection and change the selection of the automatic network to the manual one. If WindTre, Wind or Tre appears in the list of operators, it means that you are still under the TIM network while if the opposite happens you are using the new mobile network. Once verified, you can reset the coverage automatically.

Furthermore, if you have already passed, you may occasionally see WindTre instead of Fastweb as a hooked network. Clearly its appearance depends on where you use the phone.

Last but not least, Fastweb's FTTH and FTTC Fiber services will also be made available for the same segment for WindTre customers.

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