Battlestar Galactica (2004): Ronald D. Moore rewrites science fiction

Battlestar Galactica (2004): Ronald D. Moore rewrites science fiction
The world of television series, in recent years, seems to have welcomed the use of remakes and reboots, narrative expedients that allow, even cleverly, to fish out old glories of the entertainment world by proposing them under a new key. Numerous TV series and films have benefited from this practice, not least a science fiction production with a rather troubled life: Battlestar Galactica. A series, in fact, that has had more than one television existence, but which has become universally known mainly for the 2004 reboot.

Battlestar Galatica's first life dates back to the period when science fiction it seemed to become the driving force behind the film entertainment industry. Thanks to the impact of Star Wars, which with its first chapter had convinced the majors to revive science fiction, giving new life to the other great science fiction saga, Star Trek. In the midst of these two titans, the idea of ​​Glen A. Larson had slipped, who, inspired not a little by the creation of George Lucas, had decided to brush up on his old project, as we told you here.

The thousand lives of Battlestar Galactica

The fate of Battlestar Galactica, despite a promising start, was far from glorious. After an initial success, the Larson series, in fact, did not have the desired success, also running into legal problems with the production of Star Wars, but to sanction its failure was above all the incredible necessary budget, which could not find a reason to be in terms of listening.

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