Which sectors are most at risk for the high number of workers without a green pass

Which sectors are most at risk for the high number of workers without a green pass

From ports to road haulage to agriculture: here are the sectors where trade associations and trade unions report the presence of many employees without green certification

(Photo: Ipa) From next 15 October all workers and workers must be in possession of the green pass, the certification certifying the vaccination, healing or negativity of a Covid-19 swab. However, about 2.6 private workers and at least another 250 thousand in the public have not received even a dose of the vaccine and are not cured of the coronavirus. Many of these are concentrated in some fundamental sectors, such as agriculture, ports and transport, whose trade associations have already launched alarms for the possible shortage of personnel and announcing strikes if the state and companies do not guarantee free tampons to give to everyone has the opportunity to work, including those who have refused vaccination.

The numbers

In general, in Italy, 80.1% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle. That is 41.6 million out of 54 people over the age of 12 who can receive the vaccine. While those immunized to be cured of the disease in the last six months are 1.6 million.

In the private sector, green passes issued to employees so far have been about 12.4 million out of a total of 14.6 million of male and female workers (about 85%). It is not possible, for privacy reasons, to know whether the certifications have been issued for vaccination, recovery or a negative swab, but the data indicates that private employees without a green pass are about 2.6 million.

In the port sector

In Trieste, the Port Works Coordination stated that at least 40% of the 950 port workers are not in possession of the certification and announced a strike with blocking of the own port for October 15 if the certificate obligation will remain in force. At the port of Genoa, on the other hand, the percentage of workers without a green pass is 20%, "a figure that could greatly affect the operations in the port and also have repercussions on logistics and direct activities on ships" said the secretary of Uiltrasporti Genoa Duilio Falvo.

The Ministry of the Interior has sent a circular to companies in the sector to "make available to personnel without green pass, free rapid molecular or antigenic tests" specifying that economic operators "will be able to evaluate , in full autonomy, every possible organizational modality for the purpose of acquiring the green pass by employees without it ".

A first response to the suggestions of the Interior Ministry came from Giuseppe Todaro, president of Portitalia and Osp, the two companies that manage the port of Palermo, on Il Sole 24 ore: "The management companies at the Port of Palermo will not take charge of the dockers". Explaining that in the port of the Sicilian capital there should be no risks of blockages or slowdowns of activities.

In the trucking sector

There are no exact estimates with respect to how many industrial vehicle drivers are without green pass, but according to sector operators it is possible that a good part of these, especially among those who come from Eastern Europe but are employed in Italian companies, are not vaccinated or have received doses of Sputnik or Sinovac, unapproved vaccines by the European Medicines Agency (Ema). Therefore, for these workers it will be necessary, in the absence of a derogation from the obligation of green pass, to ensure points to carry out swabs along the motorways, in the terminals, in the ports or in the logistics districts.

In the agricultural sector

This is the sector that seems to be most at risk, in particular due to the presence of 60% of workers from outside the EU. In fact, many of them have not received the vaccines authorized by the EMA, or they cannot receive the green pass due to the lack of regularization of workers in the agricultural sector, therefore the absence of regular contracts that allow them to redo expired residence permits. The secretary general of Confagricoltura, Francesco Postorino told Radio 24 that about one third of the 390 thousand people employed in the collection may "not be usable".

Coldiretti's estimate is different, which estimates the number to be around 25% of Italian and foreign agricultural workers are not yet vaccinated for a total of about 100 thousand. "In order not to let the production on the trees rot, it is important to intervene to facilitate access to the work of those who are in good standing" affirms the president Ettore Prandini.

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