Oppo Reno6 review, a smartphone to admire!

Oppo Reno6 review, a smartphone to admire!

Oppo Reno6 review

Few smartphones, protagonists of my tests over the years, have been able to amaze transversally all those whom I asked for an opinion. This Oppo Reno6, the younger brother of the Reno6 Pro which we have already told you about in our full review, is part of this small circle thanks to a peculiar and unique element.

Do you want to find out what it is? We talk about it in the story of our experience with him after more than two weeks of use!

A front page look

Many times the smartphone market has been criticized for lack of creativity and desire to 'innovate. Oppo for its part, however, especially with the Reno series, has always wanted to try to draw the wild card from the deck, with hardware and aesthetic solutions that are as extravagant as they are peculiar and winning. This Oppo Reno6 perhaps loses the wow effect of its "primordial" ancestors (who remembers the famous fin of the first two models, please leave a comment in the dedicated section below) without however ceasing to offer a unique design. The result leaves you speechless.

I was lucky enough to test the "light" color with reflections tending to white / blue, in this "snow effect" finish which is perhaps one of the most beautiful stylistic choices I have ever admired in recent years in the smartphone panorama, Android and more!

The squared edges with strong lines also make this Oppo Reno6 a real technological gem, as eye-catching as it is elegant and solid to the touch . If you are looking for a smartphone that can amaze all your friends, but also yourself every time you pick it up, Oppo Reno6 is for you.

Cameras: could it have been done better?

Together with the general design, the camera sector is certainly on the podium of the priorities of customers who want to buy a new smartphone. This Oppo Reno6 comes with a triple rear camera setup, combined with a single front focal length inserted in a hole in the OLED panel.

The main camera is represented by a 64MP sensor (lens with aperture f / 1.7), assisted by an 8MP wide-angle camera (aperture f / 2.2) and a 2MP macro camera (aperture f / 2.4). At the front the resolution is 32MP while the lenses have f / 2.4 aperture.

The results are as expected. In good lighting conditions, the shots taken by this Oppo Reno6 are rich in color and detail, with photos that will certainly convince you and be very pleasant. Perhaps the wow element is missing, however, with shots that can be superimposed on other smartphones, even made by Oppo itself, positioned at more aggressive prices. As the lighting goes down, it suffers from a loss of detail, with results in which noise will risk taking over.

Video side Oppo has done a great job again, with dedicated software features that make up for gaps in certain contexts hardware, making the overall multimedia experience of this Oppo Reno6 complete and convincing. Perhaps given the price it could be legitimate to expect more (for example, optical stabilization is missing), but we will talk about this in the conclusions of these reviews.

Promoted display

Another element of interest in the requests of the users it is certainly the display. On board Oppo Reno6 we find a 6.43 ″ OLED technology panel in FullHD + resolution. The dynamic refresh rate is inevitable in this specific case with a variable value between the canonical 60Hz and the fluid 90Hz.

This is a panel in line with market expectations, with two peculiarities perhaps more interesting than the others described so far. . The first reference goes to the fact that it is a completely flat and free of curvature display.

The second aspect is instead related to the edges surrounding the panel which, although not completely symmetrical, in this Oppo Reno6 include a frame lower among the most optimized within the mid-range Android panorama.

Now also with virtual RAM!

As for the rest of the data sheet, the point of interest and question of users and certainly represented by the processor on board this Oppo Reno6. The company's choice was in fact to implement a Mediatek SoC, more specifically the Dimensity 900.

If in the past years Mediatek had taken a reputation that was not the best, however now the chip maker has been able to reverse the route, with processors able to compete on equal terms with the competition, no longer having to be defined as B series products. related to web / social browsing, both in the gaming field. To complete the hardware picture there are then 8GB of RAM (which can be increased via software up to 13GB thanks to a dedicated function) and 128GB of user memory (UFS 2.1). It will not be a top-of-the-range product, but the overall performance will not leave you disappointed at all.

Smartphone Geekbench 5 Geekbench ML 3DMark PCMark Work 3.0 Speedometer 2.0 Jetstream 2 Single-core Multi-core CPU GPU NNAPI Wild Life Wild Life

Stress Test Performance - - Oppo Reno6 717 2066 210 544 939 2022

(12.20 fps) 2020 - 2010

(99.5%) 8062 35 , 5 (± 1.9) 51249 realme GT Master Edition 784 2757 342 858 311 2494

(14.90 fps) 2500 - 2379

(95.2%) 12674 61.1 (± 1.3) 67446 Oppo Reno6 Pro 1012 2954 422 1307 728 4239

(25.40 fps) 4226 - 3414 (80.8%) 11843 59.16 (± 0.26) 83831

The fast charging that is the envy of some tops

Top-of-the-range feature instead that we find in the battery compartment. Not so much for the mAh physically inserted in this Oppo Reno6 (4300), all the more for the extraordinary 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging technology. It is useless to go around it: thanks to the tests and trials carried out by Oppo, knowing that you can count on a similar speed and not having to worry about the longevity of the battery essentially eliminates all autonomy anxieties.

In general, however, energy management of this smartphone is not bad, even if it is not a battery phone. On average I was able to obtain variable data from the four and a half hours of display, up to just over five, in contexts of use only mobile network. In our PCMark Battery 3.0 life test performed under standard conditions (SIM inserted, brightness at 50% and Wi-Fi connection) Reno6 scored a result of 10: 42h, better than the big brother reno6 Pro which stopped at 9: 32h .

The "usual" ColorOS

On board this Oppo Reno6 there is space for the proprietary ColorOS customization (version 11.3), based on Android 11. I invite you to read our dedicated focus to this particular skin of the green robot that has been able to convince and evolve over the years, limiting myself in this review to confirming the reliability of this software, which has never given me opportunities for malfunctions and bugs in these fifteen days. With the hope of soon seeing version 12 in action on Oppo smartphones, positive judgment also for this aspect linked to customization.


I really liked this Oppo Reno6. I loved it from the first day I removed it from the box and loved it every time I took it out of my pocket. Design is certainly its extra weapon, with a hardware and software sector that is still solid and convincing.

Oppo has however chosen a positioning that is perhaps a little too high for this product, focusing strongly on the aesthetic aspect and of design, in an increasingly competitive and aggressive market. The promo launch that sees this Oppo Reno6 as the protagonist until 20 October is to be seen as positive, with gifts from the brand's hardware ecosystem that bring the final price of this smartphone in a range that perhaps most belongs to it.

However, if you are looking for your next smartphone with the aesthetic and visual issue as the main focus, I would not know what else to recommend but this new Reno6, perhaps the most beautiful smartphone I have ever tried in the last twenty-four months!

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