Jabra Elite 7 Pro, high-end ANC and powerful bass | Review

Jabra Elite 7 Pro, high-end ANC and powerful bass | Review

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

We have already told you about the Jabra Elite 3, the company's cheapest pair of TWS earphones, capable of offering an excellent ratio between price and performance. To reduce the price Jabra had to make some sacrifices, the main one being the lack of ANC, while it also saved on construction materials.

Elite 7 Pro represent the top of the range, both in terms of quality and both functions and are offered to those who want a pair of earphones with active noise cancellation to be accompanied throughout the day, even during sports training.

How they are made

Compared to previous models, and as we have already seen in the review of the Elite 3, Jabra has reduced weight and size, both of the earphones and of the case, which is now much more pocketable than in the past. Constructed of high quality plastic, beautifully assembled, the interior is made of a soft-touch material that not only accommodates the earphones and holds them in place for battery charging, but is also very nice to see and touch. >
The shape of the earphones has not been distorted, but only slightly lightened, and is now more streamlined. Insertion into the ear always takes place in the same way, that is, the neck of the headset is inserted into the ear and a slight rotation is performed, which will lock the headset in place. They are comfortable, small, discreet, protrude only slightly from the ear and the grip is solid enough to be used even during training. They are IP57 certified, so they can withstand immersion in water and are also protected against dust.

The outer surface of both earphones is a button, with precise activation and sensitivity that is not require a lot of force to be pressed.

The case can be recharged via magnetic induction (wireless), or by connecting it to a USB-C cable (included in the package). The charging port was, strangely, positioned in front, while in the past or more generally we are used to seeing them behind. Just above the USB-C port there is a tiny LED that indicates the operating and charging status, and the same LED is replicated on the earphones.

Customizable ANC

Le Elite 7 Pro come with a feature that allows you to customize the noise canceling experience. By downloading the Jabra Sound + application, it will be possible to perform a calibration. Without this calibration you will not be able to use the ANC, so it is practically mandatory, at least for the configuration. The system balances the intervention of the ANC on different frequencies of the audio spectrum (and therefore also of your sensitivity), and allows you to make it more effective in the environment in which you are using it.

We tested it in different situations, we have also felt the difference, but what is perceived is not such as to push us to carry out new calibrations when the type of environment changes. However, if, for example, you have a long air trip ahead of you, spending a few seconds to carry out the calibration could bring you a benefit.

Once the calibration has been carried out, you can activate the ANC by clicking on the button on the left earphone, it can also be used to switch to the hear-through mode (transparency), which allows you to listen to surrounding noises or talk to a person without having to remove the earphones.

The application can also be used to choose the level of intervention of the ANC, useful for example when you are walking in a city, with the aim of removing city noises from your ears without making you completely deaf, to identify potential dangers approaching.

In any case, the intervention noise cancellation works well and is effective. But it is no more effective than other high-end models, which means that it is good quality but not such that it is preferred over other products.

Audio quality

Jabra uses 6 drivers mm and communication takes place via Bluetooth 5.2. They support AAC and SBC codecs, but not AptX or LDAC. The audio quality of these earphones is different from what we expected, or what Jabra had accustomed us to for its high-end models. Linearity, with only minor shortcomings, is now replaced by an exaltation of the low frequencies, which results in a warmer rendering that will appeal to those looking for a full-bodied sound with well-emphasized bass.

Non we arrive at the level of Sony's XB series, for example, but compared to many other models the bass performance is accentuated, without completely losing the correctness in the mids or other frequencies. The rest of the parameters are in the industry average, so we do not believe it is necessary to go further with this description; it is sufficient to know that if you like a reproduction with well present bass, you will like these earphones, but if you prefer linearity, then you will like them less.


Depending on how you use them , you can count on a single charge autonomy between 6 and 8 hours approximately. This difference will be based on the use of the ANC and the playback volume. The case allows you to charge these earphones about three times. It is a good result that places them at the high end of the classic but, as with the ANC, it is not one of the characteristics by which they can differentiate themselves.

Phone calls

As usual we asked to our interlocutors how they perceived the quality of our voice during telephone and video calls, and we have always been told that they heard us "loud and clear". The six MEMS microphones do a great job.


Jabra, with these Elite 7 Pro, is only updating its headset offering with another model equipped with the latest technologies, able to offer excellent ANC performance and good autonomy, in a smaller and more compact format, case included. Audio quality is perhaps the main difference from some previous models or other competitors. Jabra abandons the pursuit of maximum linearity for a warmer audio rendering that winks at those looking for powerful bass.

So if you are looking for a pair of high-end true wireless earphones and you like style bass reproduction, consider these Elite 7 Pro.

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