It has become mandatory to have Spid, Cie or Cns for online public services

It has become mandatory to have Spid, Cie or Cns for online public services

It has become mandatory to have Spid

The new access method allows citizens to enter with a single digital identity all public administration sites that provide online services

(Photo: Ap / LaPresse) Goodbye to flying notepads and folders full of different accounts and multiple passwords to be searched every time: from Friday 1 October the obligation to access public service sites became effective using a method chosen from the public digital identity system (Spid), electronic identity card (Cie ) or national service card (Cns). In front of the "Enter with Spid" button that now appears on all public administration sites, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about this revolution in the relationship between taxpaying citizens and the administration.

What are the advantages of the new system?

The digital identity provides a single credential (username and password) that represents each citizen, with which they are recognized by the public administration to use digital services in a personalized and secure way, retrieving tax, health or personal data saved in the own personal pages, with a single account. Spid, Cie and Cns have the same value, although the latter two systems are used less frequently since they require the use of a smart card reader or a smartphone equipped with an NFC (Near field communication) system.

Why is it necessary to activate it?

The Simplification and Digital Innovation decree then converted into law (120/2020) initiated this change. Since February 28, all PAs have begun to release only this form of registration of new accounts, abandoning the issue of old passwords. As of September 15, well before the obligation, 24.3 million Spid identities had already been issued. Thanks to the recognition of digital identity, public administrations can provide more online services, thus eliminating queues and allowing citizens to save time.

Which administrations are involved?

The novelty concerns over 8 thousand public administrations throughout Italy. As for local authorities, such as Municipalities and Regions, there are numerous services that are adapting to allow you to request certificates, pay taxes and penalties, contact the one-stop shop for production activities and much more. National services such as INPS, the Revenue Agency, Collection and Inail should also be included. The passwords of the Fisconline system and the PIN of the social security institution are no longer valid. For the taxman alone, the new credentials have already registered over 44 million accesses to the tax drawer in the first eight months of the year, or + 32.5% compared to the same period of 2020.

Who issues the digital identity?

In the case of the Spid it is necessary to contact one of the nine providers and follow a procedure that implies recognition, in person or remotely. Some parts of the enabling service may provide for payment methods, but the use of Spid is free and no cost or fee will be required. The electronic identity card is provided by the municipality of residence or stay, while the health card-national service card is automatically sent to every newborn by the Revenue Agency, to use it as a Cns you must obtain the appropriate pin from your Region.

What can a person who is not digitally autonomous do?

INPS has introduced the function of delegating the digital identity to a trusted person (circular 127 of 2021). Not only retirees can make use of this, which is also valid for guardians, curators, support administrators and those exercising parental authority who can thus exercise the rights of the subjects they represent and of minors.

Who is excluded from the obligation?

At the moment, professional users and businesses can keep their Fisconline, Entratel or Sister credentials. It will be a decree to determine when they will have to adopt the new digital identities. In the world of schools, the credentials issued by the Ministry of Education remain valid for administrative staff, the head teacher, the director of general services, administrative assistants, students for access to the services dedicated to them. Those who cannot have a digital identity are people without an identity document recognized by the system, minors and those assisted by guardians.

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