Intel will not build factories in the UK due to Brexit

Intel will not build factories in the UK due to Brexit

The problems related to the UK's exit from the European Union do not seem to want to end: in addition to the direct consequences on the country's economy and the shortage of fuel for vehicles (it has even reached the point where fuel deliveries must be carried out by the army), this new independence of Great Britain has also had a negative impact on the appeal that this place had in the eyes of investors: in fact, according to what was declared by Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, among the programs of his company the construction of some factories in the United Kingdom was part of: programs that were skipped precisely because of the country's decision to detach from the European Union.

Surely the EU contributions would have been one of the greatest incentives that would have convinced Intel to invest in Great Britain, which will instead find itself off Intel's list of priorities for one of the company's most important investments nda: we are talking about 95 billion dollars distributed among the various countries of the European Union, with 10 different nations that have come forward to host the construction of the new Intel factories. Considering that the shortage of chips has affected almost all industries in the technology sector, the birth of new production plants would undoubtedly represent a great breath of fresh air for all manufacturers of electronic components.

The construction works should begin, according to the best hypothesis, by the end of 2021, thus starting to give a push to reverse the trend that characterizes the curve of the global shortage of semiconductors: despite this, Gelsinger has stated that the first concrete results should be visible no earlier than 2023 (also considering that, as pointed out by the CEO of Intel himself, American companies have no intention of relying on Asian manufacturing companies), the year in which it is hoped that the market will succeed finally stabilizing and returning to pre-pandemic levels.

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